Nursery Teaching Jobs Abroad

Teaching students in their early years and nursery is an absolute privilege. Search through the jobs we have internationally to discover a unique opportunity for you to explore a foreign country whilst working a teaching job you'll love.

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What's Needed To Teach Nursery Abroad

In general, candidates looking to teach nursery school abroad may not need much experience or education (simply an English language certificate). However, they must
have strong personal characteristics such as the ability to be a team player, strong communication skills, and cultural sensitivity. However, some positions do require formal
education such as a Bachelor's degree and 1-2 years of relevant experience. Additionally, candidates must ensure they can obtain a work permit in the country of interest.


• In order to teach nursery internationally, some schools will accept candidates with only an English language certificate (TEFL/TESOL certification).
• A Bachelor's degree is always helpful, and in many cases required. For some schools, any major is acceptable, while for others, the major must be Early Childhood Education or
Elementary Education.
• Additionally, some schools will require teaching credentials on top of the degree requirement.


• For international nursery teachers, some jobs require no experience, although it is preferred.
• Other schools require one to two years of experience, generally with a similar age group.
• Some schools require familiarity with certain educational systems or techniques, like the Montessori system.

Personal Characteristics

• Above all, candidates for a nursery school position must show an enthusiasm for teaching younger children
• They must have a no criminal record and be a positive role model by living a healthy lifestyle.
• Candidates must be culturally aware and able to work with colleagues from international locations.
• Candidates should have a sense of adventure and be outgoing and self-reliant.
• Finally, candidates should be professional, able to face challenges, and possess strong communication skills.

Legal Requirements

• Candidates must ensure they can travel to and work in the selected country. For example, for China, only passport-holders from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland,
or South Africa are eligible for work visas.
• Additionally, certain countries require formal four-year degrees in a relevant field to obtain a work visa.