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The popularity of English as a truly international language has meant a worldwide demand for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) jobs at international schools, academies and businesses worldwide. When people want to learn, they feel most confident with a tutor who has first-hand experience and skills in their subject. Learning English is no different; so if you are a teacher who has been communicating in English all of your life, your skills are in demand the world over. TEFL learners really value being able to converse with a native speaker of English, who can help them understand the nuances that can't be learnt from a book or online course.

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Travel the world and experience the sights and sounds of working as an overseas TEFL teacher with tax free positions and excellent benefits available throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia for all subjects and age levels. Teaching Abroad Direct will provide you with the best advice, help and information on starting your TEFL job search and future career today.

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Are you an international school, academy or company looking to hire a TEFL teacher from the UK? We work with TEFL certified teachers to help them find the perfect positions, offering them the opportunity to live and work in the country of their dreams, whilst offering you a dedicated and experienced professional. Get in touch to speak with us about recruiting for your role.

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