Music Teaching Jobs Abroad

From Spanish flamenco, to the bagpipes of Scotland or the country and western of the USA, your passion for all things musical will shine through in any country you are teaching in. Why not start your search today for a music teacher job abroad.

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What's Needed To Teach Music Abroad

If you're a music teacher looking for a dream job abroad, there are some key advantages we've recognised over time that help secure the job.

Typicall speaking, candidates looking to teach music internationally should hold a Bachelor's Degree in a music field and a teaching certificate, and may also need ESL certification (depending on the school). At least two years experience teaching music is usually requested, and experience teaching in an international school is an advantage. Being a creative field, candidates should be creative, organized, knowledgeable about a variety of different musical styles, and comfortable communicating and collaborating with parents, students and colleagues. Here's some of the most important requirements broken down:


• Most international music teacher positions require a Bachelor's Degree in a related music field and a teaching certificate/license.
• An advanced degree, like a Master's in Music, can be an advantage.
• Some programs also require ESL Instructor certification.


• The vast majority of international music teaching positions require at least two years teaching experience, most require two years musical teaching experience.
• Some schools require experience as an ESL teacher or experience teaching in an international school. Programs also look for candidates familiar with their
• Some schools are also looking for candidates that are tech and computer savvy.

Personal Characteristics

• Applicants are generally required to teach different elements of music and many programs require curriculum and program development.
• Additional aspects that are emphasised include the importance of communication skills, the ability to act collaboratively with students and staff, and the ability to be emotionally flexible
and mature.
• Successful candidates will be enthusiastic, energetic, organized, and creative.

Legal Requirements

• Individuals must be able to obtain work permits and valid passports for up to three years in the country of interest.
• Additionally, candidates must pass background checks.