Mathematics Teaching Jobs Abroad

Are you looking for a maths teaching job abroad? We work with the most highly respected international schools globally, regularly finding maths teachers jobs in places like Dubai, China, even Australia. Explore our list below to find the perfect role for you.

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What's Needed To Teach Maths Abroad

In general, candidates interested in teaching math abroad must have a Bachelor's degree or higher in a relevant field, have a qualified teaching certificate or license, and have experience teaching the same level and curriculum of mathematics that the job posting specifies. However, there are some lower-level mathematics teaching positions that do not require a degree or experience, other than being fluent in English. Candidates must also posses computer skills, be a strong communicator, and be able to handle challenges in the work place. Lastly, candidates should ensure they are eligible for a work visa in the specified country and are able to pass a background check.


• Most international math teachers must have a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field and a teaching certificate in the specified subject (like a PGCE, a Bachelor of Education or H.Dip.Ed in Mathematics).
• Some schools require the degree to be certified from the country's embassy and require the grade point or final marks.
• However, some programs generally for younger kids with a focus on the English language do not require a degree.


• Most schools require that math candidates have two to three years teaching experience with a similar age range and with the same mathematics level and curriculum.
• For many jobs, experience teaching in a multicultural international school environment is an advantage.
• Lastly, candidates should have basic computer skills.

Personal Characteristics

• Candidates must be team players with strong communication skills for communicating with students, parents and colleagues.
• Candidates must be able to think creatively, be enthusiastic about teaching, and be comfortable taking risks and handling challenges
• Candidates must have the mental agility to differentiate their lesson plans for the needs of different students, manage multiple priorities, and set and meet goals.

Legal Requirements

• Candidates must be able to obtain a work visa in the selected country, which may limit the nationality of potential applicants. For example, for jobs in China, the applicant must be a passport holder from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.