Lead Teacher

Far East, Thailand

Outdoor School Bangkok

Outdoor School Bangkok

Scope of position:
The Lead Teacher is responsible for general administrative duties as assigned, for supervision of subordinate
staff, and for planning, preparing, and implementing daily activities, monitoring children’s progress, and
maintenance of related records for assigned classroom.The Lead Teacher promotes the school’s philosophy
and educational objectives. The Lead Teacher reports to the Director.

The Lead Teacher shall develop appropriate curriculum for her/his assigned classroom and work together with
the Director and other staff members to foster an atmosphere of goodwill, open communication, and teamwork.
The Lead Teacher is responsible for all other duties as assigned by the Director or other in-charge person.
The primary responsibility of the Lead Teacher is the safety and well-being of the children. It is therefore the
obligation of the Lead Teacher to report to the supervisor and/or Director any action or behavior by any person
which might be detrimental to a child or group of children within the school.

Specific Duties
● Assumes responsibility for operation of the school in the absence of the Director, as appointed.
● Assists in the design and implementation of education programs, including in-service staff training
● Assists in planning and attending special programs and activities related to the school
● Attends and engages in staff and parent meetings, including biannual Parent/Teacher meeting (PTM)
● Attends and engages in ongoing professional development to improve personal and professional
● Keeps current with all credentials and degrees in accordance with all accrediting and regulatory
● Conducts regular team meetings with support staff
● Maintain ongoing, open communication with parents and caregivers
● Ensure that each family receives an opportunity to build strong relationships with teaching staff
● Provide a classroom environment that encourages parent participation
● Collaborate with children's families to ensure a smooth transition from home to school
Staff Supervision
● Monitors and supervises daily activities of assigned support staff.
● Supervises and assists assigned support staff with special problems or situations
involving staff, families, or children.
● Supports the professional growth of colleagues by sharing materials and information and
providing helpful feedback and encouragement.
● Responsible for annual performance evaluation of assigned support staff.
● Supervises and guides student interns and work study students in classroom, including required
● Maintains child-staff and group size ratios at all times.

Classroom environment
● Uses and promotes positive guidance techniques.
● Communicates with children on their developmental level.
● Establishes routines with smooth transition periods.
● Encourages children to be independent.
● Designs appropriate room arrangement to support goals of the program.
● Maintains a safe & healthy environment and notifies the administration of maintenance issues.
● Maintains classroom inventory and assists in the purchase of equipment and supplies in
according to the classroom budget.

● Provides a balance between child-initiated and teacher-initiated activities.
● Provides a developmentally appropriate and integrated curriculum that meets the needs of
individual children.
● Plans and implements culturally diverse experiences that support families.
● Maintains and posts written curriculum plans.
● Eats all meals with children and assists in development of good nutrition habits and
socialization skills.
● Assists children in establishing good habits of toileting and personal hygiene.

● Assesses children’s needs and developmental progress on an on-going basis.
● Involves classroom team in formal observations and assessments.
● Uses assessments to plan curriculum.
● Meets with individual parents as required on matters involving child or school policies.

Minimum: Two years of teaching experience in child care and early education, or related educational programs.
A Bachelor’s degree including 12 credits in early childhood education or a Bachelor’s degree plus 12 credits in
early childhood education; or an Associate’s degree in early childhood education or directly related fields and
four years of teaching experience in school or related educational programs for young children.

Preferred: A Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education or related field; plus two years teaching experience.
Strong computer skills. Ability to learn and use specialized software, websites, and databases. An ability to
communicate professionally verbally, in writing, and through email.

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