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Could teaching drama abroad be your next career move? Search teaching jobs today and make your dream become a reality.

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Unlike the core subjects of maths, science, and English - and to some extent - other humanities like History and Geography, demand for drama teachers is much lower. With that being said, if you’ve got your heart set on teaching drama abroad, opportunities are still plentiful, but you might need to be somewhat flexible in the country you opt for. 

Crucially, roles that do become available are typically reserved for those with the strongest academic profile. In terms of qualifications, this is likely to include a relevant university degree and a postgraduate teaching diploma. Moreover, those with a number of years of in-class experience will stand a much better chance of landing a role. 

If you think you have what it takes to teach drama abroad and you’re keen to learn more, we would suggest reading through the guidelines we've listed below.

What qualifications do I need?

The first set of requirements that you need to make considerations for is that of your qualifications. At an absolute minimum, you will need to hold a relevant Bachelor's Degree. 

This needs to be in a subject related to drama or theatre. If you’re also in possession of a Master’s Degree, this will help your application stand out further. Once again, this needs to be in a relevant discipline. 

On top of your primary university education, you will also need to hold a postgraduate certificate. If you’re from the UK this will be a PGCE. 

Do I need teaching experience

Regardless of where you plan to teach, it is all-but-certain that schools will require applicants to hold relevant experience. This means that you will need to have previously worked as a drama teacher - preferably in your home country. You’ll need to get your previous employer to outline the specific duties that you performed at the school, and the experience itself needs to be related to the role you are applying for. 

For example, if you’re applying for a drama teaching job at a secondary school in the USA, your experience needs to match a similar age group. Ultimately - even with a strong academic profile from a specialist art and theatre university, you might struggle to land a drama teaching role abroad without at least 1-3 years worth of in-class experience. 

How do I get a job teaching drama abroad?

If you believe that you meet the above requirements - both in the form of academic qualifications and experience, then you’re one step away from landing your dream job abroad. We have a plethora of drama teaching jobs listed on this page from heaps of destinations around the world. 

You’ll find the expected requirements listed under each posting, so hopefully, there’s something to suit your teaching profile!