Level 5 TEFL Course

schedule 290-hr online Level 5 TEFL Course
alarm 168 hours of guided learning
face Dedicated tutor support throughout the course
verified Level-5 qualification regulated by the UK government’s Ofqual
public A recognised qualification to apply for jobs around the world
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TEFL Certificate

Our Level-5 TEFL certificate offers internationally recognised training in teaching English to speakers of other languages. Regulated by Ofqual, the UK government’s regulated awarding body, successful completion of this 168-hour Level 5 TEFL course opens doors to teaching opportunities around the world!

Student at TAD TEFL Course

Knowledge and Skills

Across 11 course modules, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to start teaching English to speakers of other languages. From lesson planning and English grammar to young learners and teaching online, our course provides a thorough grounding in TEFL for those beginning their language teaching careers.

Remote Course

Our online course means location is no barrier to becoming a qualified EFL teacher and there is also no need to quit your job while you study. The flexible nature of the TEFL course allows you to access and complete the modules to suit your schedule.

Student at TAD TEFL Course

Teach Internationally

After completing the course you will be qualified to teach in many schools around the world with an internationally recognised TEFL certificate, meaning both you and your employers can be confident in your abilities to deliver successful lessons to learners around the globe.

Level 5 Course Modules

  • Unit 1: English Teaching History

    Learn about the historic and current status of English around the world as well as different teaching methods and theories.

  • Unit 2: Understanding Grammar

    Get to grips with grammar including word forms, tenses and sentence structure.

  • Unit 3: Grammar Teaching Methods

    Learn how to effectively teach grammar using different classroom methods and approaches.

  • Unit 4: Vocabulary Teaching Methods

    Look at different strategies for teaching and recycling vocabulary in the classroom.

  • Unit 5: Teaching Speaking and Writing

    Explore the productive skills of speaking and writing and different ways to teach them.

  • Unit 6: Teaching Listening and Reading

    Focus on listening and reading and the best ways to explore and develop these skills in the classroom.

  • Unit 7: Classroom Materials

    Look at ways to add interest and engagement in the classroom by utilizing different source materials.

  • Unit 8: Teaching Pronunciation

    Focus on how to teach features of pronunciation including phonemes and word and sentence stress, as well as recognising potential problems learners face.

  • Unit 9: Lesson Planning

    Develop effective lesson planning skills by looking at different approaches and the thinking behind classroom activities.

  • Unit 10: Understanding Child Development

    Recognise the particular needs of young learners by considering the stages of child development to create engaging and successful lessons.

  • Unit 11: Develop Teaching Resources

    Learn to assess learner needs, explore and develop teaching resources and consider the world of online learning.

Testimonials from Schools We Work With

UK Branch Manager,
Shanghai Meiji Teaching Experience

We thoroughly enjoy our experience working with Teaching Abroad Direct. The team is very efficient and professional and always provides reliable teachers. They are hard-working and passionate representatives who take care of everything. We look forward to a continued successful and fruitful partnership.

Gaby Luo,
Guangzhou Elite Education Co.

We are looking for ELS teachers from native countries and thanks to Teaching Abroad Direct, we have received lots of quality candidates and resumes. We particularly appreciate their efficient response and responsible attitude. We have no hesitation in recommending their Level 5 TEFL course to all the people who want to be an ELS teacher.

Tina Li,
Recruiting Specialist,
International Institute of Education

Teaching Abroad Direct specialises in helping teachers fulfil their dreams of teaching abroad across the globe. They're very friendly and professional people to work with, they know what they’re doing and how they can help. Their dedicated consultants are there to help throughout the whole process as you begin your journey to work abroad, we appreciate their support and help.

FAQs on our TEFL Courses

  • Why should I do an online TEFL course?expand_more

    A TEFL course prepares you for classroom teaching and provides you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to start your teaching journey. Additionally, an accredited qualification in teaching English to speakers of other languages puts you at an advantage against unqualified applicants when looking for jobs.

  • Do I need to be a native English speaker to take the course?expand_more

    There is no minimum English language level requirement for the course. Your English, mathematics and ICT skills will be assessed and, where necessary, a development plan will be agreed to.

  • Do I need a degree?expand_more

    You do not need a degree to study this online TEFL course.

  • What are the entry requirements?expand_more

    Applicants should be aged sixteen or over.

  • Do I need to have prior teaching experience?expand_more

    No previous teaching experience is required. This course is aimed at those wishing to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence in teaching English to speakers of other languages.

  • How long does the course take?expand_more

    This is a 290-hour course. This comprises 168 guided learning hours and the rest is made up of time spent preparing, studying and in the assessment itself.

  • Is this course similar to a CELTA?expand_more

    This level-5 certificate is equivalent to the CELTA course. The TQUK Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (RQF) is also regulated by Ofqual, the same body that regulates the CELTA course.

  • Do I need to understand grammar to teach English?expand_more

    Many trainee teachers learn grammar for the first time on a TEFL teacher-training course! Two of the course modules focus on grammar and you will encounter more knowledge as you progress through your studies.

  • How should I prepare for the course?expand_more

    All of the materials you will need for the course are online. However, if you do wish to prepare in advance you might like to check out the <a href="/blog">Teaching Abroad Direct blog</a> to learn more about the industry and see more of our insights.

  • Do I need to buy any books?expand_more

    No. All materials are provided online.

  • Will I need to produce coursework?expand_more

    You will need to produce assignments for assessment.

  • Will there be teaching practice on the course?expand_more

    You will learn how to plan and prepare for teaching English lessons but there will be no face-to-face teaching involved.

  • Will there be a teacher for the course?expand_more

    A dedicated tutor is assigned to you for the duration of the course.

  • How is the course assessed?expand_more

    We use a mixture of multiple-choice testing and written assignments to assess your progress.

  • Where will I be able to do work finishing the course?expand_more

    You will be able to apply for teaching jobs around the world, to see your future opportunities, see our range of <a href="/tefl-jobs">TEFL job openings</a>.

  • Can I go on to further study after the course?expand_more

    Yes, there are a range of further courses to pursue, including Level 5 Diplomas in teaching, as well as HE programmes in education and related fields.

  • Who do I contact if I need help?expand_more

    Your course tutor is the main point of contact and is available via email, phone or Skype.