Science teacher ( Physics, Chemistry, & Biology)

Asia, Malaysia

Fairview International School

Fairview International School

Overall Responsibilities:

• Designing effective lesson plans and delivering them in accordance with programme standards set forth for the assigned subject
• Designing and administering assessments which meet reliability and validity criteria as per student learning outcomes
• Adhering to academic policies set forth by Fairview management.
• Collaborating meaningfully with programme coordinators, campus leaders, the global head of department and team of subject teachers within Fairview, in order to ensure academic excellence for the specific subject in relation to curriculum design, instruction and assessment.
• Participating fully in the professional development of academic staff.
• Participating in campus-wide activities and other ad-hoc duties as assigned by campus heads from time to time.

Key Position Requirements:

● Happy to be based in Johor.
● A relevant degree in Physics
● More than 2 years of teaching experience in a private international school, preferably IB.
● An understanding of the developmental needs of students of different age groups.
● A commitment to and knowledge of the MYP/DP
● Excellence in teaching practice.
● Effective communication skills & collaborative nature.
● Working Hours are Monday- Friday 7: 20 am to 3:30 pm

Our teachers are given a Full Scholarship to complete Postgraduate Diploma in Education -IB  (PGDE)

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