Vice Principal Academic

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Vice Principal Academic


Main Purpose of the Job   

This position is responsible for supervision of school’s staff and students, overall administrative and academic management WITH the objective of enhancing student learning outcomes, through the strategic deployment
of resources WITHIN the limitations of the School Operations Manual, Company Policy and directives of the senior management.

Person Specification
Desired Qualifications    

  • Masters in Management/or any other relevant field

Desired Experience

  •  7-10 years of overall experience, of which at least 3 years as a teacher practitioner and at least 4 years in Education management


Core Knowledge Required    

  • Complete knowledge of CIE standards in senior school
  • Knowledge of Academic practices & Procedural Manual (APPM) and School Operations Manual (SOM) or SOPs as may be in operation at the time.
  • Knowledge of child learning methodologies, curriculum development and implementation.
  • School improvement practices and staff development techniques.
  • Language(s) Required    English

Behavioural Competencies      

  • Analytical
  • Communication (written & verbal)
  • Leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Conflict Management
  • Team Management

Personality Traits      

  • Patient
  • Flexible & Adaptable
  • Result Oriented
  • Logical
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Dynamic Communication


  • Internal  -  Accountant and Asst Manager Construction (Regional Office)
  • Liaise for the resolution of Branch Operational Budget and administrative issues like procurement of fixtures & fixed assets and provision of necessary facilities.
  • Section Heads (School): Solicit feedback and opinions on academic matters including but not limited to Student results, Implementation of Curriculum and Schemes of Work.
  • Administrative Officers (School): Ensure that queries pertaining to student admissions are answered, efficacy of admission related information provision to Parents and matters regarding student admissions are addressed in an efficient and timely manner.
  • HR RO: Provide information and trend analysis that will assist in shaping School based policies / SOP’s and for the implementation of directives of the senior management.
  • Academic Head/Section Head RO/Manager Training: Liaise for resolution of administrative concerns and academic matters including but not limited to Student results,
  • Implementation of Curriculum and Schemes of Work, and professional development


  • Parents: Resolve concerns and address queries.
  • Social Development Organisations: For Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives launched by the School.
  • Educational and Cultural Organisations: Organisations such as British Council, etc. for launching competitions for students’ participation.

Position Size

  • Financial Authority As approved by RD from time to time. Such approval to be communicated in writing.

Non – Financial Authority  Direct Reports:

  • School Accountants/Administrators
  • Support Staff
  • Caretaker

Indirect Reports: Nil


Job Specification
Areas of Responsibility  -  Key Performance Indicators

Business Development and Community Relations (35%)

  • Increase admission rate through promotional and marketing initiatives.
  • Monitor industry trends to enable effective benchmarking and learning from industry best practices.
  • Ensure development of up to date and accurate business intelligence on competitors and operating environment.
  •  Build and maintain contacts with current and prospective customers.    
  • Meet the business development targets as per the business plan.
  • Meet admission targets and maintain student turnover.
  • Identify and evaluate opportunities and focus on areas which could benefit the Company in the long run.
  • Actively participate and encourage staff participation in parent- teacher and other community groups, as a means of developing understanding, cooperation, and respect for school objectives and endeavours.
  • Liaise with internal and external stakeholders and entities to ensure smooth running of the school.
  • Accept corporate responsibility for decisions made and ensure that those decisions are implemented.    •        Ensure that proper systems are in place for student and parent feedback.
  • Provide accurate business intelligence to stakeholders in a timely fashion.

Academic Management (25%)

  • Relate the educational objectives of the school to instructional practices that yield the highest standards of student learning outcomes.
  • Implementation and monitoring of the school’s learning policy.
  • Develop new academic and interscholastic programmes and track data related to the success of such programmes.
  • Recognise and seek alternative learning solutions for students with behavioural or learning complications.
  • Work in close coordination with the academic team at RO to ensure that the school is meeting the required educational standards.
  • Coordinate with the school academic team to prepare for Regulator Evaluations/Regional Evaluation Team
  • Oversee the procedure for the production of Schemes of Work and monitor the working standards of the academic team.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of the curricula to provide feedback to the Academic Manager at RO.
  • Where applicable, ensure coordination with CIE for the processing of annual O and A level results and remain available on result days/or local authorities, only as applicable.
  • Continually evaluate existing programmes and practices, curriculum content and piloting of experimental programmes.    
  • Conduct classroom observations on a fortnightly basis and share feedback with the relevant teaching staff.
  • Analyse and interpret examination and assessment results; monitor student achievement data to identify patterns and set targets for improved student learning outcomes.

Operations Management (15%)

  • Act as the administrative head of the school to ensure timely dissemination of information to all concerned people/channels and ensure smooth running of school.
  • Determine annual staffing requirements necessary and liaise with HR (HO) for the timely fulfilment of the same.
  • Ensure the effective administration of school examinations.
  • Evaluate periodically and ensure the school’s adherence to health, safety and civil codes.
  • Ensure repair and maintenance of school’s infrastructure.    
  • Successful administration of school with satisfactory maintenance of physical infrastructure within the set limits of capital expenditure (CAPEX).
  • Take steps to enhance the collection of books in the library books and improve fixtures.    

Team Management (15%)

  • Interview, train, coach and develop all staff members from custodians to teachers.
  • Ensure the provision of orientation to new teaching staff and provide them with opportunities for giving input in academic programmes
  • Professional development of staff including, but not limited to, supervision and performance appraisal of school staff.
  • Identify and groom staff for administration and future responsibilities. Identify learning and training needs of employees and ensure that the relevant professional development activities are organised and participated in accordingly.
  • Ensuring the proper staff rationalization for the school together with appropriate workload distribution for all staff members.    
  • Ensure orientation for all new joiners within the first week of joining.
  • Execution of successful training workshops in each term in light of the Training Need Analysis (TNA).
  • Ensuring company targets for Student teacher ratios as communicated from time to time.
  • Ensuring appropriate contact hours for each teacher in accordance with management guidelines communicated from time to time.

School Development Plan SDP (10%)

  • Collaborate with the Section Heads for conducting a SWOT analysis for the school.
  • In conjunction with the Section Heads, Academic Head and Academic team at RO and Regional Director, prepare a School Development Plan (SDP) and ensure its effective implementation.    
  • School Development Plan prepared before the 1st of January for each year.
  • Any other task or project as assigned by the Management from time to time.



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