Head of Secondary

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Head of Secondary

Main Purpose of the Job    

The purpose of this position is to manage the student body in an effective manner, the development and management of curriculum, management of the school employees and maintenance of school amenities.

Key  responsibilities  are  the  implementation,  smooth  running,
administration and ultimately successful delivery of all aspects of the academic and pastoral programmes.

Person Specification
Desired Qualifications    Master Degree / Bachelor’s Degree in Education

Desired Experience    

  • Shows a real interest in teaching and learning, and be prepared to undertake additional training for CPD
  • Has a minimum of 5 years leadership experience
  • Be familiar with enquiry based or thematic teaching approaches.
  •  Have excellent IT skills and experience in using ICT-rich teaching environments.
  • Show full commitment to school life and work in an enthusiastic manner.
  • Good demonstratable organizational skills
  • Excellent communication skills along with the ability to listen and understand.
  • Work to deadlines
  • Ability to show empathetic approach
  • Responsible attitude to work
  • Manage and prioritize use of time
  • Desire for excellence in all areas
  • Evidence of working in an International setting and have experience of the Cambridge Secondary curriculum would be an advantage


Core Knowledge Required     

  • Comprehensive understanding of the IGCSE curriculum
  • Broad exposure to British curricular
  • Complete understanding of the central tenants of education
  • Well versed in design and development of curricular and its framework.
  • Abreast of international best practices and modern methodologies and research.
  • To be responsible in achieving the aims and policies of the school, under the policies through which they shall be achieved.
  • Manage the staff and the resources needed to achieve desired goals.
  • In partnership with the Principal, provide leadership and the management of the teaching and learning throughout the school.
  • To be responsible for the development of professional leadership and the management of the School Development Plan priorities.

Language(s) Required    

  • English (Fluent)


  •  Heads of Department, Regional Office: Information as may be required from time to time.


  • Parents: Liaise for the resolution of queries, concerns and public relations.
  • Local Residents / Authorities: Coordinate, jointly with the Regional Office representative for resolution of traffic concerns and plans.
  • Private Organisations: Interface for the provision of seminars and workshops and for collaborative projects for the development of staff and curriculum.
  • Vendors: Communicate requirement for repair and maintenance and review service / products.

Job Specification
Areas of Responsibility    Key Performance Indicators
Strategic Planning:

  • To work with the Principal and others to create a shared, strategic vision and plan that inspires and motivates students, staff, and all other members of the school community.
  • To lead curriculum development and innovation across all key stages.
  • Developing and implementing policies and practices which reflect Beaconhouse School’s commitment to effective teaching and learning.
  • Creating a climate which enables staff to develop and maintain positive attitudes towards their subject areas and have confidence in teaching.
  • Use data to identify pupils who are underachieving and where necessary implement plans of action to support these pupils.
  • Analyze and interpret relevant national, local and school data, research and inspection evidence to inform development.
  • Further to this plan, identify requirements and budgets for the coming year and forward to the Regional Director for approval.    
  • Annual plans & budgets aligned with strategic vision. (10%)


Curriculum Development & Management

  • Coordinate with relevant authorities to receive direction on syllabus.
  • Ensure development of lesson plans by respective classroom practitioners, in line with IGCSE and Cambridge directives.
  • Conduct classroom observations to ensure quality and provide feedback and mentoring to classroom practitioners as requires.
  • Discuss potential value addition to subjects / courses with relevant internal stakeholders and provide feedback and direction to teachers for execution.    •    Zero deviance from directives. (20%)

Student Body Management

  • Development of the Cambridge and IGCSE curriculums under the guidance of the Principal.
  • Supervise and monitor resolution of disciplinary cases by the School Counsellor and intervene as and when required.
  • Ensure decisions taken in this regard are in line with the Company Policy as part of the Disciplinary Committee.
  • Monitor overall performance of the students in their assessments, and formal examinations through establishing and implementing clear policies and practices for assessing, recording and reporting on pupil achievement, and for using this information to recognize achievement.
  • Provide reports on Student Performance and examinations to the required stakeholders.
  • To monitor the performance of the students through the Deputy Head/ Senior Mistress/ Senior Master.
  • Address concerns raised by students and ensure holistic academic and personal development.
  • Monitor the quality of academic monitoring and its effectiveness.
  • Ensuring curriculum coverage, continuity and progressing for all pupils.
  • Ensuring that all pupils are well prepared for public examinations and other external assessments.
  • Providing guidance on the choice of appropriate teaching and learning methods to meet the needs of the subject and of different pupils.
  • Establishing and implementing clear policies and practices for assessing, recording and reporting on pupil achievement and for using this information to recognize achievement.    •    Reduction of student disciplinary cases by 10% YOY. (2.5%)
  • Improved Student performance in External Exams by 10% YOY (15%)
  • Improvement of Non- External Exam Year Students by 10% YOY (15%)
  • Resolution of 80% of Parent complaints successfully (2.5%)

Team Development & Management

  • Interview and select teachers and do induction as and when required.
  • Conduct mock teaching sessions for candidate assessment.
  • Manage administrative needs od the entire school staff such as leave approval, material and collateral provision, etc.
  • Ensure staff discipline is in line with the Company Policy.
  • Identify Training Needs of teaching staff.
  • Work in collaboration with Training Manager where required for the development of presentations and the execution sessions.
  • Design workshops based on needs and current education management trends.
  • Helping staff to achieve constructive working relationships with pupils.
  • Leading professional development of staff though example and support.
  • Conduct one-to-one mentoring and feedback sessions.
  • Conduct classroom observations to assess teacher learning outcomes of trainings.
  • Establishing staff and resource needs for the school and allocating the available subject resources and budget with maximum efficiency.
  • Deploying staff to ensure the best use of expertise.
  • Ensuring the efficient and effective management and organization of learning resources.
  • Ensuring that there is a safe working and learning environment in which risks are properly assessed.
  • To develop after-school support classes.
  • To monitor CCA activities.    •    Attrition rate below 10% per annum. (10%)
  • Learning outcomes of teachers post training in excess of 80%. (10%)


Development of SOPs

  • Work with relevant internal stakeholder for the development of SOPs in line with requirements.    •    All Processes documented by year end. (5%)


Marketing and Event Management

  • Ensure the execution of an Open Day every few months to increase market research.
  • Provide adequate training to representative teachers for query resolution and confidence building of attending parents.
  • Maintain visible presence at such events and ensure all concerns and queries are resolved in a manner that best benefits


Beaconhouse Schools System.    

  • Student body increase in line with annual targets. (5%).
  • Positive feedback from parents and market perception. (5%)
  • Any other task or project as assigned by the Management from time to time.    



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