Dulwich International Zhuhai

University and Careers Counsellor

Far East, China

Position: University and Careers Counsellor

Reports to: Head of University and Careers Counselling
Must consult with: Pastoral Team, Senior School Staff, University and Careers Counselling Staff
DCI Matrix link: DCI Director of University Counselling, DCI Alumni Coordinator
Brief Overview of Role:

Serve the High School through development and implementation of a senior school university and careers programme aligned with the Dulwich Success Plan university and careers curriculum.

• Work within the university and careers department to facilitate student development in the areas of academic, career and post-secondary planning in individual, group and classroom settings through implementation of the Dulwich Success Plan and various platforms including Maia Learning
• Establish relationships and enrichment opportunities with key contacts at target universities
• Remain current with the university application process particularly in the US, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia and other destinations popular with our students

Specific responsibilities are as follows:

Team Member Responsibilities
• Participate in and with student groups, campus events, professional learning for academic staff, ACT/SAT test administration, holiday duties to support students when examination results are published
• Attend professional development conferences such as NACAC, IACAC, CIS, UCAS, EARCOS
• Attend regular meetings with team members, disseminating information about all departmental and campus-wide developments aligned with strategic plans.
Develop and Implement and Manage the DCI Counselling Mission through the Dulwich Success Plan Year 10 -13 Curriculum
• Support university applications through a clear understanding of the application process and pathway formation, the use of accurate assessment, the judicial use of advice, and the crafting of letters of recommendation
• With academic leadership teams, plan and implement curriculum (workshops, student and parent sessions, programming, external visits, pathway formation) determining scope and sequence*
• Assist in departmental planning and execution of activities including internship and job shadowing programmes
• Assist in communicating programming to stakeholders and the community through an annual planning calendar
• Assess and review programming on an annual basis using needs and formal assessments
Individual Student Planning
• Collaborate with campus leadership to establish schedule for implementing individual planning sessions and establish goals in small groups and one to one student meetings
• Collaborate with coaches, fine arts instructors and other faculty and staff to ensure that each student has an individual planning portfolio identifying course preparation, career and educational pathways, skills and personal qualities needed for post-secondary success
• Administer and interpret assessment and testing data to assist each student with post-secondary decision making
• Involve parents in the individual planning process attending and facilitating parent conferences*
• Maintain accurate student data through surveys and data input on network-wide university counselling platform
Collaboration Within and Outside the School Community
• Develop a keen understanding of world-class universities, their target student demographic and profiles, scholarships and grants and strategic plans
• Collaborate with network Director of Counselling and campus leadership in planning and/or delivering annual staff professional learning on university admissions, career development and curriculum planning and training
• Attend International Conferences for university counselling (IACAC, CIS, UCAS, ISCA) and prepare reports to be shared with larger DCI counselling community
• Liaise with admissions team to assure appropriate student placement
• Work with marketing teams to communicate university and careers events, workshops and university acceptance updates
• Work with other departmental staff to host university visits and fairs

Skills and Capabilities
• Bi-lingual (English-Mandarin)
• Strong understanding and knowledge of the admission system to colleges, especially in the US and UK but also in Canada, Australia, Korea, Hong Kong and other European and Asian countries popular with students
• Classroom teaching experience to include curriculum planning, assessment and giving productive feedback (preferable but not essential)
• Strong leadership, communication and collaboration skills
• Ability to interpret network-wide strategies to create campus goals
• Organizational and management skills in educational and classroom settings

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Start Date: 01-02-2019

Apply By: 28-02-2019