IB DP Physics and Math Teacher

Middle East, Qatar

Qatar Academy - Sidra

Qatar Academy - Sidra

Key Result Areas:

  • Coordinating with the grade level team and specialists, plans and delivers a program of study designed to teach the curricular standards, benchmarks and outcomes, while meeting the individual needs, interests and abilities of the student, for the enhancement of student learning.
  • Following protocols for assessment, including but not limited to assessing, keeping track of and providing feedback promptly and often to students on their progress and assignments – maintaining records of student progress
  • Conducting interesting, well-planned and well-paced classes, using a variety of instructional techniques, differentiation, strategies, and media appropriate to the lesson and the needs and capabilities of the students
  • Collaborating with fellow grade level team members for the development of content methodology and assessment of student learning
  • Advising students on ways to improve and maintain performance.
  • Reflecting on and reviewing personal teaching methods and schemes of work regularly.
  • Assessing, recording and reporting upon student development, progress and attainment according to school procedures.
  • Contributing to curriculum development and selection of texts, equipment and other instructional materials as required by Head of School, Curriculum Coordinator, Heads of Department and DP and MYP Coordinators.
  • Establishes and maintains open lines of communication with students and their parents concerning both the broad academic and behavioral progress of students.
  • Implementing programs and initiatives
  • Participating in school events and meetings scheduled throughout the school year, including staff meetings, in-service training and workshops, open evenings and parent-teacher conferences.
  • Undertaking reasonable duties of supervision of students during non-teaching time.
  • Contributing to the maintenance of a safe, secure and pleasant learning environment for students and teachers.
  • Conducting as a minimum one After School Activity per year
  • Contributing to the good order and fair discipline of the school.
  • Maintains open lines of communication with instructional assistants, clerical personnel, and fellow teachers to establish a positive work environment
  • Assumes responsibility for assigned non-teaching duties, e.g., cafeteria and invigilation duties, etc.
  • Taking all reasonable precautions to provide for health and safety of the students and to protect equipment, material, and facilities
  • Attending and participating in faculty meetings
  • Achieving professional growth through attendance at in-service meetings.
  • Abiding by the working hours as outlined in teacher contracts.
  • Dressing in a neat and professional manner
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience
Hold a Bachelors Degree or higher in the relevant subject matter
Have training in secondary education, preferably at the Bachelors or Diploma level
Have a demonstrated record in secondary education that reflects knowledge of modern pedagogical practices
Possess a valid teaching certificate or license in the relevant subject; in cases where the teacher’s home country does not provide such licensure, proof of ability to teach effectively will be required, as measured by years of experience, special teaching diploma beyond the Bachelors level, or other demonstrated competencies

Start date
End date