High School TAC Officer

Middle East, Qatar

Qatar Leadership Academy

Qatar Leadership Academy

Job Details:

Job Title: TAC Officer Reports to: Shift Coordinator I Boarding Superintendent

2. Job Purpose:

To oversee cadets while they are in the accommodation facilities, to ensure that they behave in an appropriate manner, and to create a safe and supportive living and learning environment.

3. Job Dimensions: Key facts and figures which give an indication of the scope and scale of the job.

Annual Operating Budget/Project Budget/Sales Revenue: I --
Number of Staff Supervised: I 0 I Direct Reports: I 0 I Contractor /Others: I a

4. Key Result Areas:


Supervise activities and ensure appropriate behavior and a safe, friendly environment
• Barracks: interaction with cadets is primary; going into rooms and engaging cadets is one of the main ways to prevent unwanted behavior
• Mess Hall: maintain close proximity to cadets at mealtime to ensure proper behavior.
Engage them, get to know them, learn their concerns, develop a relationship, and advise &
counsel them
• Masjid: Ensure cadets dress properly for and attend all prayers, behave appropriately pay attention to lectures or announcements, and sit respectfully near the speaker
• Help cadets avoid conflicts and help them peacefully resolve ones that do occur
• Counsel their behavior; praise good and improved behavior
Establish a culture of tidiness. Ensure that rooms are maintained to the highest standards and that uniforms are always neat and clean
• Inspect cadets' rooms and possessions. Ensure that there are no prohibited items on the premises so that a safe and healthy environment is maintained
• Promote healthy nutrition I food choices
• In the event of a health emergency, accompany the cadet to a hospital
• Assist with emergency, fire and evacuation drills. Ensure all cadets are accounted for and safe
• In coordination with supervisor, maintain the barracks bulletin boards
• Report maintenance issues related to the accommodation facilities to supervisor Coordinate and communicate with faculty, parents I guardians, the Positive Behavior, Intervention and Support (PBIS) team, and other relevant staff on cadets' behavior to ensure that cadets continue to progress and develop
• Implement the rewards system, including Cadet of the Week I Month I Year certificates, reward trips, certificates of appreciation for prayer attendance, best room, best uniform etc. Give out CAFFU tickets to cadets who exhibit good behavior (5:1 ratio positive to negative)
• Refer negative behavior to the PBIS team
• Prepare daily reports on attendance, activities, achievement of the day, positive incidents, and negative incidents and how they were solved
• Attend and participate in all relevant meetings such as PD, house meetings and barracks staff
• In conjunction with the Academic faculty, plan, implement and supervise study halls, and support project-based learning and homework activities
• Supervise school trips, including academic, reward, and international trips
Build relationships with families and the broader community to enhance cadets' learning and development
Depending upon the school's operational requirements, a TAC Officer may be required to handle substitute teaching responsibilities as assigned by the school principal
Meet personal work-related goals and priorities

:.- Other reasonable tasks as assigned by supervisor

5. Operating Environment, Framework & Boundaries:

TAC Officer

Must reside with cadets at the accommodation facility . Must abide by all QLA rules and regulations as well as the teachers' handbook. Must comply with QF health,safety, and environment policies, procedures, legal regulations and objectives applicable to areas of responsibility to ensure that work
' is performed in a safe, healthy and environmentally-sound manner.

6. Communications and Working Relationships:

;;.. Cadets - constant contact to supervise and provide assistance while in the accommodation facilities

:.- Teachers- exchange and update information about cadets and their progress.
:.- Parents/Guardians - regarding cadets' progress and any behavioral issues.

7. Problem Solving & Complexity:

Able to identify issues and to use sound judgment in applying expertise and experience to resolve a range of problems, from moderately complex to very complex, using work experience and own acquired knowledge. Must understand the cultural and developmental issues particular to the cadets' age group and be able to guide the resolution of interpersonal conflicts

8. Decision-Making Authority & Responsibility:

Has responsibility for cadets' welfare and safety while in his care at the accommodation facilities. May need to take decisions to protect cadet life and safety in an emergency situation. n a non­ emergency situation, refers difficult or sensitive situations to supervisor.

9. Minimum Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

:.- Bachelor's degree in a relevant field
> 3 years of experience in a similar role in a boarding school environment; youth counseling experience preferred

:.- Youth counseling experience
> Excellent communication and interpersonal l skills


GBP £2900 
Basic salary plus transportation allowance between GBP £2900 per month tax free and GBP £3786 per month Tax free Stipends provided for additional responsibilities such as Head of Department.

Fully furnished apartment provided and utilities paid.

End of Service Bonus
One month's basic salary for each completed year of service based upon final monthly basic salary.

Economy class tickets in connection with annual leave to the nearest international airport in your home country, and one way Economy class ticket at the start and end of the contract.
Transport Allowance paid with the monthly salary.

Education for Dependents
Education assistance for up to 4 children from the age of 3-18 or until completion of high school.

Medical Cover
Full medical cover provided and 85% dental.

Start date
End date