Middle East, Qatar

Tariq Bin Ziad School

Tariq Bin Ziad School

1. Job Details:
Job Title: Counselor Reports to: Head of Student Services

2. Job Purpose:
To promote a psychologically healthy environment within the school in general and for the students specifically. The counselor will assist the students with their career planning to have a vision for their future and assist them in achieving their goals.

3. Job Dimensions: Key facts and figures which give an indication of the scope and scale of the job.
Annual Operating Budget/Project Budget/Sales Revenue: n/a
Number of Staff Supervised: 0 Direct Reports: 0 Contractor/Others: 0

4. Key Result Areas:

  • Develop a yearly plan of actions & proposed programs and present to supervisor for approval; ensure that it is effectively implemented in order to achieve desired objectives
  • Provide and administer testing services in order to assess intellectual capacity, academic achievement, personal and vocational attitudes, and students’ special abilities and skills, and prepare reports on the findings
  • Provide individual and group counseling services to students who seek counseling, or who are referred by teachers, in order to ensure the well-being of all students
  • Recommend corrective measures and follow up with students to ensure compliance and progress
  • If working with students in their last year of high school, support their continued academic success by planning and conducting programs that will help them determine a field of study and an institution of higher education that are compatible with their abilities and needs
  • Assist teachers and parents with implementation of recommended strategies for how to reinforce socially-acceptable behavior and how to respond to behavior that is detrimental to the healthy social, academic and psychological development of the student
  • Assist teachers with implementation of recommended strategies for how to contribute to student academic and career awareness and planning
  • Plan and conduct workshops to help teachers become more aware of student needs, and provide suggestions and strategies on how to prevent and reduce conflict within their classrooms
  • Provide teachers with guidelines that will help them judge when student behavior needs to be referred to the school counselor
  • Coordinate with academic coordinators to incorporate supports that promote mental health into the curriculum as well as into extracurricular activities
  • Prepare semi-annual reports on activities and services provided
  • Serve as the Student Council advisor, as applicable
  • Other reasonable tasks as assigned by supervisor

5. Operating Environment, Framework & Boundaries:

  • The majority of work is carried out in a standard school environment.

6. Communications and Working Relationships:

  • Supervisor – contact as needed for consultation on major decisions and to provide progress reports
  • Staff and parents – regular contact to provide recommendations and receive feedback on counseling activities
  • Students – regular contact to offer support on social, academic, and psychological issues

7. Problem Solving & Complexity:

  • Evaluates different options when solving problems
  • Refrains from drawing conclusions in the absence of clear evidence, takes time to collect facts before developing a solution
  • Considers the medium term as well as immediate short-term impact of outcomes and actions
  • Demonstrates an awareness of the impact of preferred solution on other projects/ related problems

8. Decision-Making Authority & Responsibility:

  • Accepts responsibility / accountability for own decisions and explains the rationale
  • Reviews available information in conjunction with interested parties and arrives at decisions by consensus judging degree of consultation needed to ensure commitment
  • Remains calm and resourceful when making difficult decisions, basing them on facts
  • Ensures decisions are taken by self and group after reviewing available information while exhibiting reasonable foresight

9. Minimum Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Counseling or a related field, Master’s preferred
  • 2-5 years of school or therapeutic counseling experience
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Strong coordination and organizational skills
  • Excellent writing skills, with the ability to draft and edit a variety of written reports and communications and articulate ideas clearly and concisely; proficiency in Arabic an advantage
  • Proficiency in MS Office applications


Savings Potential
Dependent on lifestyle and extent of travel, however, there are potential savings; e.g. - Single teacher = up to $25,000 - Couple (Both teaching) with 2 children = up to $40,000

Fully furnished apartment provided and utilities paid.

End of Service Bonus
One month's basic salary for each completed year of service based upon final monthly basic salary.

Economy class tickets in connection with annual leave to the nearest international airport in your home country, and one way Economy class ticket at the start and end of the contract.
Transport Allowance paid with the monthly salary.

Education for Dependents
The Foundation will provide Education assistance for four eligible dependent children between the age levels prescribed for Pre 3 up to and including Grade 12 as per Pre University Education policy.
Coverage – 13 academic years for children who have not reached their 18th birthday; OR completed high school (whichever is later).
Eligibility – children who are living with their family in Qatar and of 3-18 years of age or in senior year of high school studying a formally recognized curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education

Medical Cover
Full medical cover provided and 85% dental.

Start date
End date