Science Teacher - Biology

Middle East, Dubai

Dwight School Dubai

Dwight School Dubai

Science / Biology Teacher (Upper School - MYP & DP)

Reports to: Head of Science

Job Purpose

  1. To carry out the professional duties of a teacher in accordance with the school's policies and procedures in order to provide high quality teaching and learning, and improved standards of learning and achievement for all students.
  2. To recognise the Spark of Genius in every child and endeavour to follow the Dwight vision, mission and pillars in every aspect of the role.

Role and Responsibilities

Lesson Planning, Teaching and Learning

  • Planning for outstanding teaching and learning, in line with the schools Teaching and Learning Policy, through:
  • Creating a climate for learning that is conducive for outstanding practice;
  • Identifying and communicating clear learning objectives and success criteria;
  • Identifying SEN, EAL and G&T students and ensuring that their needs are met through differentiation / personalised learning;
  • Providing clear structure and planning for lessons and learning activities that maintain pace, challenge and engagement;
  • Making effective use of assessment for learning;
  • Making effective use of performance data and key indicators to inform planning and therefore deliver differentiated lessons;
  • Making effective use of technology to enhance learning and progress.
  • Maintaining discipline in accordance with the school’s ‘Behaviour for Learning Policy’ and encouraging good practice with regard to punctuality, behaviour, uniform, standards of work and homework;

Assessment, recording, reporting

  • Assess how well learning objectives have been achieved and use them to improve specific aspects of teaching and learning;
  • Mark students work regularly, and set targets for progress, in accordance with the school’s Marking & Feedback Policy;
  • Assess and record students' progress systematically and keep records; using performance data to inform planning, student learning and progress;
  • Prepare and present informative reports to parents in line with Report Writing Guidelines;
  • Attend and support parent / student events.

Curriculum development

  • Take part in IB / subject development by producing, reviewing and updating innovative and engaging curriculum plans and units of work;
  • Keep subject knowledge up-to-date through PD and professional reading.

Other duties and responsibilities

  • To be a DP Extended Essay Supervisor / MYP Personal Project Supervisor / PYP Exhibition Supervisor, if required.
  • For Upper School, undertake duties as an Advisor and in doing so contribute to the delivery of the Moral Education programme
  • Undertake duties as part of the staff duty rota and cover for absent colleagues.
  • Invigilate / proctor examinations and assessments, as required.
  • Undertake relevant training and professional development related to the role.
  • Support school events and activities, including the ECA programme.
  • Ensuring collaboration and support for all stakeholders.
  • Consistently demonstrate professionalism and high professional standards.
  • Any other reasonable duties and additional hours of work as assigned by the Head of School.

The ideal candidate will possess and demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Commitment and passion for IB education and teaching.
  • Extensive Science teaching experience. IB MYP Science and DP Biology teaching experience is highly desirable.
  • Leadership experience is desirable.
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