Elementary Teacher - Grade 1-6

South America, Venezuela

Colegio Internacional De Carabobo

Colegio Internacional De Carabobo

Recruiting Contact Name: STEPHEN E. SIBLEY

To be a dynamic leader among international schools which cultivates and nurtures character, intellect, cultural diversity, and global citizens of tomorrow.

Driven by its deep-seated commitment to learning and teaching, Colegio Internacional de Carabobo provides students abundant opportunities to develop individual capacities and interests in the intellectual, social, cultural, and physical spheres. Through engagement in a rigorous college-preparatory academic program, balanced co-curricular activities, and ample leadership and service opportunities, our students develop into young men and women of character capable of thriving as dynamic and successful members of their local and world communities.

Grades Offered: N-12
Enrolment Total: 428
Curriculum: US Curriculum
Accreditation: AdvancED SACSCASI

Nationalities of students in percentages: 79.50% Venezuelan, 15.15% USA, Others 5.35%
Nationality of teachers in percentages: 15% US citizens , 80% Host Countries, 2% Third Country Nationals
Marital status of teaching staff: Single (%):    54%    Married (%):    46%

Contract Length: The length of a contract is based on the school year calendar
Annual Salary Range: US$ 35,820-US$46,055 Start date: Orientation week start on July 31, but they have to be available on Monday July 29 to start the travel.
Currency paid: US Dollars
Average Annual Savings: 75%
Major Benefits: In addition to the payments previously described, foreign hire teachers are provided with:
1.    Settling-in gift in Bolivars to be determined upon your arrival, in the first year.
2.    Shipping up to $1000 to bring your personal items to Venezuela by January 30, in the first year.
3.    Returning Bonus, complete 3 years US$ 8,000, complete 5 years US$ 15,000
4.    Beginning and end of school year, round trip for the employee (summer). See Clarification regarding flight.
5.    Yearly transportation to and from the airport in Venezuela.
6.    Retirement Plan: The structure of contribution will be as follows:
Years of Services School Employee Total
b.    1st 3% 3% 6%
c.    2nd 4% 4% 8%
d.    3rd onwards 5% 5%10%
7.    Furnished apartments (basic furniture).
8.    Welcome essential food starter – delivered to the apartment a day before arrival toVenezuela.
9.    Payment of utilities including electricity, water, and gas (not telephone or cable T.V.).
10.    Help setting up (through the school) cable TV
11.    The apartment has internet and phone line.
12.    100% premium paid of international medical insurance coverage with TIE-CARE.
13.    Partial Pool Club Membership at the Hotel Embassy Suite – Valencia or Exercise club of your choice, up to an amount identify by the Administration.
14.    Obtaining of any necessary visas and local documentation for visa and cedula.
15.    A Spanish language stipend.
16.    A no-interest car loan may be requested for approval by the Director.
17.    It is expected that all teachers will actively participate in our co-curricular program; a co-curricular sponsorship stipend/activity bonus is paid for this participation.
18.    One (1) paid day to attend recruitment fairs after one year of completed service.
19.    Teachers will have 10 paid days of sick leave per year. Medical leaves are included in the 10 sick days, and do not increase the number of sick days above the 10 granted. Teachers will have 2 paid personal days per year.


- Teaching certification and University degree

- Two years of experience teaching full time

- Candidates who are innovative, flexible, compassionate, have exemplary ethics, and possess a strong professional background

- Experience with utilizing technology to engage students in the learning process

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