Vice Principal

Middle East, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Schools (International High School Girls)

Riyadh Schools (International High School Girls)

The Vice Principal positions designed to attract men and women who are prepared to support a Saudi Principal learn about instructional leadership.  We are looking for leaders with school experience over past five years  
We teach the California Common Core & America High School Diploma
We have a visa for USA, UK, Ireland, South Africa, and Australia & New Zealand only 

About Us

Riyadh Schools is managed by a board of directors appointed by Misk Foundation and endorsed by the honorary president. It consists of nine members. The members are not allowed to work in the school during their membership term. The term is determined in the appointment decision or in a separate decision. If a member resigns or leaves his office for any reason, Misk Foundation will take the appropriate decision. The board of directors holds a meeting every six months at least during the academic year. A meeting is considered formal if attended by a majority of members, and decisions are made by a majority vote. The board of directors has full administrative and financial authority to run the school and is fully accountable to Misk Foundation which in turn has the authority to veto the decisions made.

Mission Statement
Prepare students intellectually, morally and spiritually to pursue their aspirations and contribute to society.

Thoughtful learners and passionate leaders serving our society.

Reinforcing Islamic values and Saudi culture in the global world is a paramount obligation of the school.
Every student can learn and improve, and it is our responsibility to act in ways to make that happen.
A caring, listening, mutually supportive community promotes the values of truth and respect
Student learning and student well-being are the fundamental obligations of the school.
A safe and nurturing physical, social and intellectual environment is essential in our school.

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