French Teacher

Africa, Morocco

Al Akhawayn University Ifrane

Al Akhawayn University Ifrane


  • Bachelor’s or Masters degree in French Language or Literature
  • Degree in Education or a teaching certificate
  • Proven proficiency in oral and written French
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong analytical and problem – solving skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Patience and resilience
  • Innovating thinking

Job Benefits:

  • Healthcare Benefits
  • Moving Allowance
  • Paid Holidays 
  • Discounted Tuition
  • Optional Subsidized Housing

School Description: 
Al Akhawayn School of Ifrane was founded in 1995, and is the only English language, co-educational Nursey-12 school in Ifrane, Morocco, following the American educational model. The main objective of the educational program is to develop well-rounded students and provide them with the social and academic grounding needed to prosper in their education continuum. 
We offer a rigorous education that exposes students to a foundation of academic skills that graduates University ready lifelong learners. Our core academic program follows the Common Core State Standards and the Aero Common Core Standards and offers students choices in elective selection. 
Courses in English, French, and Arabic support our mission of developing proficient multilingual graduates. We are committed to offering an American educational experience and in that spirit, we offer electives in the visual and performing arts, information communication technology, social sciences, and physical education.  

Job Description & Responsibilties:
In search of a reliable and enthusiastic French Teacher to join our team of educational partners. The French Teacher will be tasked with teaching students how to speak and write in French, developing a range of assessments including written and oral tests, and creating an overall positive learning experience. Being able to work with students who have different capabilities and interests is a must.
Successful French Teacher in our organization would demonstrate patience, passion, and excellent analytical skills. Outstanding candidates can identify students’ strengths and weaknesses and take an innovative approach to language teaching.

French Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Assessing the capabilities of the students and developing appropriate lesson plans and curricula.
  • Conducting research to develop appropriate learning materials, language games, and other teaching aids.
  • Using both in-class activities and online resources and platforms to create a blended learning environment.
  • Teaching the various tiers of French to students.
  • Developing and grading informal and formal written and oral assessments.
  • Scheduling feedback sessions with students and providing extra support or enrichment activities as required.
  • Making recommendations to students for further learning and development.
  • Organizing conversational classes and fun events where students can engage with French culture.
  • Updating records and handling various administrative duties.
  • Remaining actively updated with personal professional development
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