Year 2 Teacher

Far East, Hong Kong

Wycombe Abbey School

Wycombe Abbey School


  • Primary Teacher qualification
  • Minimum of 5 years full time teaching experience and Early Childhood/Lower Primary experience of at least 3 years
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Experience in early literacy and numeracy development
  • Culturally sensitive, tolerant and patient
  • Positive work ethic

Responsible for: All teaching, appropriate marking and record keeping assessing and reporting on pupil progress and effective contribution to school standards. 

Reporting to: Headmaster 


  • Have a clear understanding of the Key Stage 1 curriculum.
  • Produce Short/Medium/Long Term teaching plans in accordance with Wycombe Abbey guidelines, ensuring relevant deadlines are met; 
  • Liaise with relevant Heads of Departments and Class Teachers regarding cross-curricular subject matter; 
  • Ensure that lessons are well prepared, efficiently resourced and appropriate to the ability level of the pupils in question;
  • Teach pupils of all abilities with commitment, enthusiasm and to a high standard of competence;
  • Liaise with colleagues on all matters of common concern regarding pupils and the curriculum;
  • Follow the schools SEN policy;
  • Liaise with the schools SENCo to plan IEPS as appropriate; 
  • Attend courses to keep self and staff informed of further developments; 
  • Attend all staff meetings and training days as required; 
  • To ensure that the classroom is an attractive, organised and stimulating working environment with relevant and regularly changed displays;
  • To attend meetings and other activities both within and out of school which provide opportunities both for the exchange of views and other areas of professional development;
  • Attend assemblies/services as directed by the Headmaster;
  • To keep up to date with school policy documents;
  • Attend parents’ evenings and staff meetings;
  • Ensure individual reports are written for each child in accordance with Wycombe Abbey School guidelines, ensuring relevant deadlines are met. 
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