Senior Leader - Learning Technologies & Systems (TLR 1 - 1 year renewable)

Far East, Hong Kong

Sha Tin College

Sha Tin College

Sha Tin College is seeking to appoint a Senior Leader - Learning Technologies & Systems (LTS) to join the Sha Tin College Senior Leadership Team. The Senior Leader LTS will be instrumental to the strategic development of this area and will be responsible for the vision, leadership and management of technologies in line with College Mission, Values, policies and procedures.

● Work collaboratively to create, promote and sustain a dynamic, digital learning culture that provides a rigorous, relevant, and engaging education for all students
● Model and promote the frequent and effective use of technology for learning
● Ensure a coherent curriculum is in place so that students are systematically developing their technology competencies
● Liaise with our primary feeder schools to ensure a thorough understanding of the technology competencies of our incoming Year 7 students
● Facilitate the induction of new students and staff for our 1:1 laptop programme
● Promote an environment of professional learning and innovation that empowers educators to enhance student learning through the use of contemporary technologies and digital resources
● Inspire and facilitate a shared vision of purposeful change that maximizes use of digital resources to optimize learning, support effective instructional practice and maximize operational performance
● Line-manage and collaborate with relevant staff ensuring the implementation of a cohesive whole school vision for learning technology
● Assess the skills and needs of teaching and support staff in relation to hardware and software on an annual basis and develop and update a Professional Development Plan to address training needs
● Chair and develop the Digital Pedagogy Team
● Work with the curriculum & guidance and leadership teams to ensure effective and efficient calendaring of events & meetings
● Lead the formal evaluation of our use of learning technologies and make recommendations for further development including our 1:1 laptop programme
● Develop a coaching approach to promote on-going, situated and just-in-time professional development
● Share effective practice working in partnership with other schools and promoting initiatives which improve student learning outcomes
● Promote and participate in local, national, and global learning communities that stimulate innovation, creativity and collaboration
● Stay abreast of educational research and emerging trends regarding effective use of technology and encourage evaluation and reflection
● Keep staff informed of relevant policy changes and development of technologies
● Advocate at College and Foundation level for policies, programmes and funding to support implementation of a technology-focused vision and strategic plan
● Work with the systems and data teams and curriculum & guidance teams to ensure that their work sits coherently with our Strategic Development in this area
● Lead or contribute to the development, implementation and review of relevant policy frameworks to promote safe, legal, and ethical use of digital information and technology.

● Manage annual operational and capital budgets
● Ensure access to appropriate digital tools and resources to meet the needs of all learners
● Establish and maintain a robust infrastructure for technology including integrated, interoperable technology systems to support management, operations, teaching and learning
● Develop short and long term budgets to support ongoing, consistent and adequate funding working closely with the Principal and Business Manager regarding the budget for Learning Systems, Technologies and Infrastructure
● Oversee negotiation and execution of contracts with vendors
● Oversee the management of all relevant assets including procurement and disposal
● Engage in an ongoing process to develop human resources to ensure effective use of technologies in teaching and learning
● Conduct recruitment, development and assignment of all relevant staff
● Observe, evaluate and mentor relevant support staff regarding their individual and group performance
● Help recruit highly competent personnel who use technology creatively and proficiently to advance academic and operational goals
● Line-manage the Systems Team, with the aim of maximising the user friendliness of our digital systems for all stakeholders.

• Line manage the Communications Officer
• Liaise with the Student Media Team and the Communications Officer to ensure effective and efficient communication with our community about student events and activities
• Review communications systems and harness the power of technologies and social media to ensure effective communications systems
• Liaise with the Communications Officer to ensure the production and publication of our Yearbook, Annual Report, etc
• Work with the Principal in regard to our strategic communications intent and aspirations
• Liaise with the Senior Leadership Team to ensure all emergency communication is communicated as needed.

Allowances: TLR 1 position + Time release 16 periods/cycle (One Year with option to renewannually)

The successful applicant is expected to have the following skills, abilities, knowledge and experience.

Personal Skills and Abilities
• excellent negotiation, collaboration and problem-solving skills with a solution-focused attitude
• excellent interpersonal and communication skills with staff, students and parents with a view to empowering others
• commitment to supporting and developing a holistic approach to student development and well-being
• excellent organizational skills and timely follow-up.

Knowledge and Experience
• a sound practical knowledge of curriculum development
• pedagogical expertise
• advanced ICT skills
• previous demonstrated leadership skills will be an asset.

Teaching in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a premier destination for expatriate and local teachers! ESF Teachers enjoy an extremely lucrative salary package and a very high standard of living overall, in an exciting and vibrant world city. The teaching profession is highly respected, student motivation and outcomes are excellent, and all teachers receive considerable support from ESF with settling into Hong Kong, as well as with their professional development. Please feel free to contact us in advance about life in Hong Kong if you feel a conversation on this topic would be helpful.

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