Secondary Art Teacher

Europe, Germany

St. George's School Duisburg-Düsseldorf

St. George's School Duisburg-Düsseldorf

Job Title: Secondary Art Teacher
Responsible to: Head of Department
Key Responsibilities
• To always act in the best interests of pupils.
• To support the school’s ethos and aims.
• To act in accordance with school policy and the school’s Code of Conduct.

Teaching and Learning Responsibilities
• To teach an approximately 80% teaching timeta-ble, with 20% of time dedicated to preparation.
• To maintain the highest standards of practice in planning, preparation, monitoring, assessment, reporting and feedback, in accordance with school and departmental policy.
• To employ teaching, learning and assessment strategies which meet pupils’ individual needs and support differentiated learning.
• To create clear, challenging and achievable ex-pectations for pupils.
• To create a secure learning environment, based on mutual trust and respect, in which pupils feel safe to explore and take risks.
• To ensure that all pupils make progress relative to their prior attainment and potential.
• To maintain a stimulating and well-maintained learning environment, paying due care and attention to the quality of resources and dis-plays.

Professional Learning Responsibilities
• To maintain thorough and current knowledge in the subject area(s) taught.
• To maintain a full overview of curriculum devel-opments.
• To engage fully with professional learning oppor-tunities, including INSET, working groups and professional learning communities, even where these fall outside core school hours.
• To work collaboratively and support the profes-sional learning of colleagues.
• To engage with evidence and research to direct improvements in teaching and learning.
• To be genuinely reflective towards one’s practice and pursue consistent improvement.
• To engage fully with structures that support pro-fessional learning, including appraisal and obser-vation.

Pastoral Responsibilities
• To always act in the interest of pupils’ welfare, in accordance with the school’s Child Protection Policy.
• To undertake the responsibilities of a class or form tutor, in accordance with school policy.
• To apply knowledge and experience in facilitating pupils’ holistic development.

Wider Professional Commitments
• To make an active contribution to the on-going improvement of policies and procedures of the school.
• To attend and contribute to meetings, for exam-ple staff meetings, Parents’ Evenings, depart-mental meetings, and individual parent meetings.

Administrative Responsibilities
• To complete all administrative tasks in a timely manner, in accordance with school and depart-mental policy. This includes the writing of re-ports, keeping of registers and maintenance of pupil data.
• To ensure that communication with parents is carried out in a professional and timely manner.

Other Duties and Responsibilities
• To take all reasonable steps to ensure a safe environment for staff, pupils and visitors.
• To carry out an appropriate share of the collec-tive staff responsibility to cover absent col-leagues.
• To carry out a share of supervisory duties in ac-cordance with the published rotas.
• To contribute to the extra -curricular activities programme and other aspects of enrichment within the school, including after school clubs, school trips and events. These may be held after school, at the weekend or on holiday dates.
• To attend all school functions relating to teach-ing year groups or other year groups as part of the whole school programme.
• To assist with examination invigilation of inter-nal and external examinations.
• To take shared responsibility for the tidiness of communal areas.
• To undertake any reasonable request from the school management, in line with your profes-sional role and level of responsibility, to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the school.

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