Director of Teaching and Learning

Europe, Cyprus

The Junior and Senior School

The Junior and Senior School

We, the Junior and Senior School, are seeking to recruit a Director of Teaching and Learning to start in January.

The Director of Teaching and Learning will be a key member, reporting directly to the Headteacher of the Senior School, also working closely with senior staff in the Junior School as well as other members of the Senior Leadership Team.

The main role is to secure the very best quality teaching across the school. This will include monitoring, evaluating, and developing curriculum and the assessment practices across the whole school but with a focus from Yr5 to Yr13.

The post holder will:
• be an inspirational teacher who will create a culture in which best practice is researched, developed and shared by and amongst all teachers across the school. They will lead by example and promote high standards in the delivery of the curriculum;
• keep the school up to date over the latest educational issues, attending courses and conferences as appropriate;
• keep abreast of educational developments in the UK and Cypriot education systems and possess a thorough and up-to-date working knowledge of the Independent Schools Inspectorate requirements, particularly as they relate to standards of teaching and learning and to the curriculum; and
• provide and promote academic liaison between the Junior and Senior school.

The role requires the post holder to:
• play a leading role in organising and monitoring student progress and any relevant intervention strategies;
• work closely with Heads of Department in the development and delivery of schemes of work, policy documents and development plans, and ensure that relevant planning and evaluations are completed;
• monitor and evaluate the standard of teaching and learning through a programme of curriculum observation, including peer observation and work scrutiny;
• analyse data and ensure data and assessment systems support the vision for teaching and learning;
• line manage key departments and personnel within the school;
• set, with the Headteacher, the Heads of Department meeting agendas as well as attend and monitor other departmental meetings;
• liaise closely with the Junior School on academic matters;
• work closely with the head of ICT and other staff in ensuring that technology plays a vital role in the delivery of the curriculum;
• oversee and monitor:
o timetabling
o daily staff absence
o benchmark assessments
o the organization of our Academic Review Days
o student reports
o homework policy and schedules
• liaise with administrative staff, the Admissions Officer, and Heads of Department to facilitate entrance examinations both in March and for students who join mid-year.

Other areas of responsibility of the post holder are to:
• assist the senior management team in deciding appropriate whole school INSET;
• be closely involved in the appointment and induction of new teaching staff;
• be involved in the appraisal and performance review of teaching staff;
• monitor, with the Headteacher, the professional development courses attended by staff;
• be responsible for the regular review of whole school curriculum policies; and
• add opinion and thought to whole school development issues.

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