Brunei is a tiny little country on the north coast of the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. Surrounded on three sides by Malaysia, the country has a stunning coastline on the South China Sea and has the fourth best GDP per capita in the world, meaning it is one of the richest countries in the world also. Despite Brunei having maintained an excellent relationship with Britain, it is now a completely independent and sovereign state with its own culture and government. Brunei has a public school system and a generally pretty high level of education. Foreign teachers are commonplace in the country and most students are used to having them on the school staff. For this reason, students tend to be polite and respectful, if a little cheeky and playful at the same time. When teaching abroad in Brunei you can expect a very good employment package and tax-free salary in both primary and secondary schools. Accommodation is also often part of an overseas teacher's employment and usually consists of a very comfortable and fully furnished apartment or house. The government actively encourages foreign teachers to find teaching jobs in Brunei, but you should be committed to at least a year in the country when you apply. Much of Brunei consists of tropical rain forest, and so most of the country's 400,000 population tends to be concentrated in a few urban areas. The capital city is Bandar Seri Begawan in the north-east of the country, having around 140,000 inhabitants, and over 275,000 in the surrounding suburban area. It is for this reason that the majority of teaching jobs in Brunei are located in and around the capital city. Average temperatures here are indicative of the country as a whole and range between 23°C and 32°C for the whole year. This temperature is certainly not unbearable; if anything it is the humidity which takes a little bit of getting used to; however the laid-back way of life does much to help with this. Speaking of jungle, eco-tourism and expeditions into the rainforest are very popular and certainly worth doing. Chances are you will not be working a 40 hour week, and so you will have recreational time to explore the fantastic nature reserves of Brunei. Having the opportunity to explore such a different country to that which you are used to is certainly one of the main reasons for teaching abroad in Brunei. Being a small island nation, the locals are often pleased to see foreigners living and working in the country, and what with the relaxed atmosphere of Brunei, you may often find yourself chatting with Bruneians in the street. Settling into a new country is a challenge of adaptability and open-mindedness; the comfortable lifestyle and friendly people of Brunei will certainly help with this aspect of relocation. If you choose to teach abroad in Brunei, you can expect a very exciting and adventurous time in Brunei as both the country itself and the people you will meet are very welcoming