Would You Like to Work 1 hour from Hong Kong? TEFL Teachers

Far East, China

Edinburgh Education

Details of Position

Established in 2014 Edinburgh Education is Huizhou's only foreign owned language school. We are a large and fully licensed school. We always pay on time and in full. We are expanding to a second school and this could provide a great opportunity for serious teachers to grow and share profit.

Huizhou boarders Hong Kong and Shenzhen, but is much cheaper. With just a bus ride away, many teachers cross the boarder and take day trips to Hong Kong for shopping, sightseeing or just to see a movie.

Job Summary

16,000 RMB (after tax) per month 
Completion bonus in Huizhou training school with Western management. 
Teach a max of 20 hours per week 
Students are aged 5-16; most classes have around 10 students. 
We can provide Z visa


In order for us to process a Z visa according to Chinese law you need: 
A Bachelor's Degree (in anything) 
Any TEFL (less than 120 hours is fine) 
Citizenship from the United States, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. 
Clear police background check

Salary and Benefits

16,000 RMB per month (after tax) 
Health care (more than just a glass of hot water) 
Completion bonus of 1 year contract is 6,000 RMB 
flight reimbursement 
Free hotel accommodation when you first arrive. 
Two days off consecutively each week 
Legal Z-visa 
Huizhou is very cheap, especially when compared to Shenzhen or Guangzhou. Youll be able to save a lot! 

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