Teach English as a Foreign Language in China

Far East, China

Wanderlust Exchange

As a Wanderlust Au Pair in China, you will have the paralleled opportunity to experience Chinese culture firsthand while indulging your desire to travel the world. Wanderlust Exchange helps match you to individual Chinese families looking to host an Au Pair for 3, 6, and 12-month periods. Many Chinese families are interested in hosting native or fluent English speakers in their homes to support their child's language development and provide an opportunity to promote cultural diversity and understanding.

Your main responsibilities are being an English tutor and an "elder brother/sister". You will have the opportunity to experience authentic Chinese culture by engaging in family activities as well.

A typical day:

- Accompanying your host child(ren) on their ride to school with the family's driver and reading them stories along the way
- Planning English lessons and tutoring your child(ren) in English (e.g. reading, phonics, vocabulary, etc.)
- Accompanying the family's driver to pick up the host child(ren) from school and playing vocabulary game on the way home
- Playing games with the host child(ren), singing, dancing, reading stories
- Helping the host child(ren) with English homework
- Joining family activities, and sharing your own culture with the host family

About Wanderlust Exchange Host Families:

Wanderlust Exchange has high standards for our au pair acceptance process and our process for selecting host families is just as thoughtful and rigorous. We have each host family complete an application process before they are able to match with one of our au pair candidates.

Potential host families search for au pairs by the specific qualifications they need for their family. Once an au pair is chosen by a host family for an interview, the au pair can see the host family's profile, including photos and a letter to the prospective au pair. A match is never complete unless both the au pair and host family agree to the schedule and other details discussed in the interview. ​

The majority of our host families live in Shanghai, either downtown or in suburban areas surrounding the downtown. Most Chinese families live in apartments and only have one child due to China's previous Single Child policy. There are some families who have two children, but usually no more than that. No matter where your host family lives, you can be sure that it's a comfortable home where you will have your own room.

Our host families are committed to being more than just an employer to their au pairs. Host families become their au pair’s extended family in China and are their au pair's most important connection while in country. Many host families form a strong bond with their au pair and establish relationships that often last longer than their time in the program.

Host Family Responsibilities:

- Welcome their au pair as an extended member of the family
- Include their au pair in most family meals, outings, and celebrations
- Provide a private room for their au pair
- Provide regular meals for their au pair
- At least one family member speaks reasonable English
- Guarantee that their au pair will work no more than 30 hours/week and no more than 7 hours/day
- Guarantee their au pair will not do heavy housework or tasks unrelated to the host family's children

We provide a high level of program support before and during your Au Pair experience.
- 1500 RMB pocket money/month
- 3000-12000 RMB flight stipend (dependent on your length of stay, 3 - 12 month program)
- 3 hours of Mandarin classes/week (12 hours/month) paid for by your host family
- International medical insurance
- Visa application & renewal fee reimbursement (provided upon your completion of the program)
- No more than 7 hours work per day
- No more than 30 hours work per week
- 1.5 days off each week (possibly not on weekends)
- 1 day of paid holiday for each month that you are with the program (e.g. a 6 month program gives 6 days paid holiday)

Wanderlust Exchange will provide au pairs with the necessary documentation (invitation letters) to complete your visa application and assist you throughout the application process.
- 18-28 years old
- English speaker or proficient in English
- Completed secondary school / high school
- No criminal record
- Open to cultural differences and exploration
- Ability to teach English

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