TEFL Teachers Wanted in A Beach City, China

Far East, China

LTC (Language Training Center)

TC (Language Training Center) is located in Beihai, a small city on the Southern coast of China, in the Guangxi Province. Beihai is a laid-back city, with fresh seafood, great beaches, streets lined with palms, and little to no pollution, creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The population is around 650,000 people, and on a bike, you can cross the city in less than thirty minutes. The cost of living is cheaper than most cities, especially when compared to the larger ones. To give you an idea, a bowl of soup is 5-6 RMB, a motorbike taxi 8-10 RMB, and a tailored shirt 30 RMB. But western amenities abound as well. A new supermarket stocking all your favorite European and American delicacies just opened four blocks away from the school. L.T.C is a private language school. We teach students ranging from kindergarten to adults. The skill levels also vary greatly. The students are divided into the classes that will fit their needs. The average class size is fourteen students, and there are Chinese teaching assistants who help with the lower level classes. At LTC, specific texts are used, but we encourage you to share ideas and suggestions that may help to improve the curriculum. 

Teachers are expected to teach 18 hours per week, not including preparation time, which depends on the individual. We are looking for teachers who are creative, enthusiastic, flexible, and view teaching as a rewarding experience. Special preference given to those with experience teaching young children. We look forward to hearing from you and will do our best to answer any and all questions that you may have, from daily life in Beihai, to the school and its educational practices, to whatever you may come up with. 
Vacancy: 2 positions August or beginning September Language: English Major: English/Education 
Education: Bachelor's degree, TESOL / TEFL certificate preferred Age: 23-46 Nationality: American, Canadian, or New Zealand /South Africa Contract time: One year or half a year 

Time to teach: September Courses: Oral English Workload: 18 hours per week Monthly 
Salary: 11000-13000 RMB before tax 
Bonus: One month's severance upon completion of contract Airfare: 8000 RMB towards airfare for one-year contract Free boarding: Apartment / Furnished with free Internet 
Boarding place: Five minutes from the school 
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