TEFL Teachers Needed at a University In China

Far East, China

US-China Business & Culture Exchage, Inc.

Position #1:

The U.S. – China Business and Culture Exchange, Inc. (UCBCEC), in conjunction with Jinhua Polytechnic in Zhejiang province andShangqiu Normal University in Henan province, seek three (3) Business Administration instructors for a unique teaching experience in the People’s Republic of China beginning in late August 2019.

Applications are invited from enthusiastic educators with a sense of humor, adventure and an interest in Chinese culture to help improve the Accounting proficiency of first- and second-year college students.

The candidates must hold U.S. or Canada citizenship, be native speakers of English and have a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Candidates will have at least 2 years of teaching experience/TESOL certificate and subject matter expertise in Principles of Management, Public Relations, Finance and Western Economics. A willingness to innovate in terms of classroom methodology and creation of supplemental materials will be helpful.

Monthly salary is ranging between RMB 16,000 to RMB 17,500 for Business Administration instructor, benefits include 1-year optional renewable contract, return air-ticket stipend, visa processing fee, health/accidental insurance, paid holidays, vacations, free housing and utilities.


• A native English speaker from USA and Canada. 
• Earned a bachelor’s degree and higher 
• 2 years of teaching experience (Earned a bachelor’s degree or higher majoring in English, Education, and TESOL will be exempted) 
• Earned a TESOL Certificate (2 years or more teaching experience or earned a bachelor’s degree majoring in English, Education, and TESOL will be exempted)

To apply, please submit:

• Your Resume/CV 
• Cover letter 
• Scan copy of your passport information page 
• Scan copies of your degree and/or TEFL/TESOL certificate 
• Your Skype ID/wechat ID

For our consideration, the applicant may email the required documents.

Start date
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