TEFL Teachers are Needed in Wuxi, China

Far East, China


1.  Position offered

     a.  One opening for a full time secondary ESL teacher   2.  Terms of Contract      a.  Duration: One-year contract starting late August, 2019      b.  Work days and hour: Monday-Friday 8:20-4:20      c.  Work Load: Maximum 22 classes/week (45-minutes/class)

About us: 

WKS was founded in 2006 and serves Korean students living in Wuxi and nearby Suzhou. We have about 550 students in K – 12 and a staff of 5 foreign English teachers as well as Korean and Chinese teachers.

1. Salary & Benefits:     a. Monthly salary: 12,300 base + additional pay          i. Teaching certification: 700/month          ii. Master’s degree/TESOL certification: 200/month          iii. Research allowance: 500/month          iv. Experience bonus: 130/month for each newly signed contract with WKS      b. Paid holiday: 4-5 weeks summer and 6-7 weeks winter holidays. Plus, Chinese and Korean holiday throughout the school year.      c. Bonuses:         i. Completion Bonus: One month base salary upon completion of one-year contract         ii. Evaluation bonus: to be decided based on performance and can be up to 1 month base salary.      d. Travel expenses:          i. Reimbursement for flight and relocation expenses to China (airfare + Settlement Allowance of 2000 RMB)          ii. Return flight from China upon completion of service at WKS to your home country      e. Lunch and Snack (provided)      f. After school        i. If you want to make extra money or open a special class for students, you can open “After school classes” from 4:10pm to 5:40pm twice a week.       ii. You can get approximately 2000 to 2500 per month. (taxed)      g. Housing Allowance         i. 3000 RMB, non-taxable

What we want: 

1. Required Qualifications: a. Native speaker from an English-speaking country (US, UK, CAN, NZ, AUS) b. Minimum two years of full time teaching experience c. 25-55 years old with lots of energy

2. Preferred Qualifications: a. Teaching certification in your home country or b. TEFL/TESOL certification

Start date
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