TEFL Kindergarten Teachers Required

Far East, China

Olive Tree English Kindergarten

13,000-15,000 RMB per month, $1,000 (USD) year end Bonus, Free Housing, Work Visa and Insurance. Teach absolutely adorable children at Olive Tree English Kindergarten. 
Only Two remaining position open!!! 
We need you to start by August-September 2019.

Two Teaching Position 13,000-15,000 Yuan a month plus free housing, work visa and insurance.


  • Salary of 13,000 to 15,000 yuan a month (depending on experience and rising with quality work) No more than 20 teaching hours per week. The average Chinese salary is 3,500 yuan a month. DO NOT BE MISLEAD BY HIGH SALARY ADS, THIS IS VERY TYPICAL OF SCHOOLS IN CHINA TO BAIT AND SWITCH. AT OLIVE TREE YOU WILL BE PAID WHAT YOUR CONTRACT SAYS. Please note that similar to Manhattan or Tokyo, each city has its own cost of living. Shanghai and Beijing are extremely expensive so their salaries are higher. (Example: a typical meal out in Chengdu for 4 people may cost you 60-70 yuan, the exact same meal in Shanghai, Beijing or any East coast cities will cost you upwards of 500 yuan). This is true for clothes, entertainment, transportation, etc… 
  • Fixed schedule 5 days a week. Daily built-in prep time. week. SET SCHEDULING GIVES YOU CONSISTENCY AND FREEDOM TO ENJOY LIFE. 
  • Furnished apartment (walking distance from school in SAFE community. Crime is not tolerated here!) Each teacher has their own house! (No roommates) includes washing machine, TV, bed, bathroom, shower, kitchen, and fridge. Cell phones are cheap and easy to get!! 
  • Within walking distance of your house is more then 200 local and western restaurants, Wal-Mart, 3 large shopping malls, open fruit and vegetable markets, 4 large fitness centers, Cineplexes, banks, police station, parks, swimming pools, universities, colleges, thousands of hair salons, coffee shops, tea houses, super markets, convenient stores, bars, pubs, night clubs, clothes stores, toy stores, bakeries, candy stores, - you name it, we have it and you can walk to it! 
  • Necessary living expenses covered up to 150 yuan a month, plus free lunch at school. 
  • One year contract (with option to renew). 
  • The school will provide (and pay for) all working documentation. 
  • Foreign but Chinese-speaking boss who will assist you with your transition to your new life in China, so you don’t have to deal with asshole bosses who want blood from a turnip. 
  • 1,000 US dollars bonus toward travel costs paid upon completion of contractual term of one year. 
  • Private school with 3-tiered security, computers in all English classrooms, 20-30 or fewer children per class, and NO MICRO-MANAGEMENT. 
  • All Chinese national holidays plus two weeks of paid vacation, totaling five weeks per year. 
  • We have current and former foreign teachers’ emails for references and questions. 
  • Free Internet available on site. 
  • Staff and administration are very caring and helpful to the foreign teachers. 
  • GUARANTEED the most low-stress and fun job you will ever have!


  • Outgoing, happy, full of fun and energy in the classroom (we don’t want super serious teachers; they just bore the kids), but you are expected to be responsible and reliable. 
  • Native English speakers from US, Canada, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, or New Zealand. Standard English with neutral accent. Due to visa regulations we only accept the above counties. Do not apply if you are a resident outside of these domains! 
  • University graduate (this is a legal requirement for us to get you a Foreign Expert Work Visa ). 
  • TEFL, TESOL or CELTA (this is a legal requirement for us to get you a Foreign Expert Work Visa ). 
  • National Criminal background check clearance (this is a legal requirement for us to get you a Foreign Expert Work Visa ). 
  • Two year work experience in the educational field post university graduation (this is a legal requirement for us to get you a Foreign Expert Work Visa ). 
  • Must have passport from one of the following countries US, Canada, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, or New Zealand.(this is a legal requirement for us to get you a Foreign Expert Work Visa ). 
  • Letter of recommendation from past employer .(this is a legal requirement for us to get you a Foreign Expert Work Visa ). 
  • Must love children and be eager to learn about teaching. 
  • Willing to commit for one year. 
  • Closet missionaries or people with hidden agendas are NOT WANTED; parents are extremely particular about such external influences. 
  • 13,000-15,000 yuan position MUST have 2-3 years or more experience. 
  • All applicants will be screened and a back ground check performed to insure the safety of our children. AND WE DO CHECK!

All interested applicants please forward resume and recent photo I.D. (preferably passport) to


About our kindergarten

Our children receive a minimum of three hours a day of English instruction, all of this done in a natural English environment. Each teacher is responsible for his/her own class. There are a minimum of two Chinese aids and one cleaning lady per classroom to assist you. Working at our school means a commitment to the children in your class and the ability to form appropriate emotional bonds with them, so you MUST love children to take on this work. Our teaching philosophy allows for creativity, flexibility, new concepts and most importantly a teachers’ individual contribution to the lesson. Teachers receive a basic outline bi-monthly which offers helpful teaching points, game ideas, art projects, math and science. Foreign teachers regularly swap ideas, brainstorm and just help each other out. 
Contracts are for one year minimum and due to new visa regulations must be arranged abroad. Our school is licensed and will provide legitimate working FOREIGN EXPERT VISA for your living and working here. Please note we are one of ONLY a schools OFFICIALLY in Chengdu allowed to provide FOREIGN EXPERT VISAS.

Chengdu (the capital of Sichuan) is a smallish city of about 11 million people in southwest China. The cost of living here is significantly lower than other cities in China. Sichuan people are warm hearted, friendlier, down to earth, and less scheming than those in other big cities. The feel of Chengdu is modern while still retaining a lot of the traditional culture. Additionally, you will find plenty of bars, clubs, good restaurants, health clubs, and entertainment. Sichuan Province itself is famous for some of China’s most scenic places, panda resort and most delicious food. It is the gateway to Tibet and has its own domestic and international airport for easy access to travel. Transportation is very reliable with plenty of taxis, new metro-subway link and buses. 

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