TEFL Jobs in Beijing, China

Far East, China

Beijing International Studies University

Beijing International Studies University is looking for English teachers.
Four positions are available.

12 months' salary: 9,000 - 13,000 RMB per month, depending on degree qualifications:
(Bachelor's degree 9,000; Master's 11,000; Doctor's 13,000)
About 8 weeks' paid holiday for the summer vacation (July and August), about 7 weeks for the winter vacation (January and February). Salary is paid in advance for both vacations.
One round-trip air ticket to and from your home country per academic year
Basic health insurance is provided.
Every semester there is a free teachers' weekend group trip to an interesting part of China.
Details are subject to the contract.

Either: 1. free accommodation in or near campus in a furnished apartment (electricity, gas, water, heating, aircon, cable TV, cable and wi-fi Internet are also all free).
Or: 2. If you prefer to live off campus, an additional allowance of 6,000 RMB per month towards privately-sourced accommodation.

Details are subject to the contract.

Please note that these are strictly applied by the Chinese Government when we apply for the working Z-visa.
You must be a *native speaker of English*, with clear pronunciation.
You must have at least a bachelor's degree, *from a university in an English-speaking country* and
At least two years' full-time ESL teaching experience.
CELTA or similar recognized qualification for teaching English as a foreign language, with minimum 120 hours teaching practice.
You must be under 60 years old and in good health.
Contract Period: From the day contract is signed(earliest date is September 2020) until July 2021. If both parties agree, the contract can be renewed.

Teaching Hours:
12 stated contract teaching hours per week, during two 18-week semesters
Teachers usually begin by teaching extensive reading lessons, though later it may be possible to substitute some writing, oral, or postgraduate classes.

We are looking for English teachers who are passionate about their job, and who can work in small groups, liaising with their Chinese and foreign colleagues to produce effective, creative, modern and interesting English lessons.

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