Teach English as a Foreign Language in Shenzhen City, China

Far East, China


Position: Full-time English Teacher 
Location: Shenzhen city (2 centers , one in Nanshan ,one in Futian) 
Job Benefits: 
Monthly Rate: 18,000 to 22,000 CNY/Month after tax 
Housing Free apartment or 2,400 CNY/month housing allowance 
Airfare Allowance 10,000 CNY on completion of one-year contract 
Medical Insurance Covered 
Work Visa Sponsored work visa, work permit and residence permit 
Airport Pick-up: Yes 
Other Help: Yes

Class Details: 
Organization Type:Training centres 
Age Group 2 to 10 years old 
Class size 2 to 6 students / one on one 
Teaching Span 45 minutes 
Curriculum AP;IB 
Subjects Mainly English; Science and math 
Lesson Plan Provided 
Teaching Materials Provided 
Teaching Assistant Yes 
Max Teaching Hours 22 
Office Hours 40 
Office Hours 9am-6pm/10am-7pm/1pm-9pm 
Work On Weekend Yes 
Rest Days Two days off per week on weekdays 
Payment Term Cash 
Payment Day every 18th 



FluentEnglish speakers only 
Degree Bachelor degree or above 
Teaching Certificate TEFL/TESOL 
Teaching Experienced At least two years full-time teaching experience 

Send me your resume and a self-intro video.

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