Renowned Schools in China are Looking for TEFL Teachers

Far East, China

PEC Consulting


I have partnered up with numerous schools in China that offer stable positions. Living and working in China is an amazing experience. I can say it because that's where I've been calling home for the past three years. The positions that I have range from 10k/month-30k/month. In US dollars, that is approximately 2-5k. These schools are waiting for future candidates. Please send your application to me via email, WeChat, or WhatsApp.

What I need from you: 
~Self-introduction video ( This is very simple. It should be around 45 seconds to 1 minute. This gives the school an idea about you as a future employee.) 

Once you have sent all these things, I will give you further instructions according to what the individual schools tell me.

~ University degree 
~ A certificate, such as the TEFL 
~ Fluent English speaker

Start date
End date