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!!!!!! University , public shcools positions!!!!!10K-72K RMB per month need English teacher, Math teacher, Science teacher, Economic teacher and Mechanical subject teachers!!!!!

Short time jobs

***** Zhengzhou University 
Position: Social-economic survey, Economic history in university 
Location: Zhengzhou city, Henan province. 
Duration: 1-2 month (short-term position) 
Number of classes: around 32-48 classes per course (finished in 1-2 month), each class 45-50 minutes, no office hours. (could choose 1-2 course or teach 1 course for different grades) 
Salary: 500rmb/h (not class period) can get about 72K after all courses 
No limitations for Nationality, required doing Doctor program or Holding PHD degree. 
Provide accommodation and traffic allowance(reimbursement at end of the contract).

***** Shangqiu Normal University 
1) Position: part-time teacher in Principal of automatic control 
3) Position: part-time teacher in Microeconomics 
4) Position: part-time teacher in Marketing and management of cultural industry 
5) Position: part-time teacher in Exhibition management 
6) Position: part-time teacher in Outline of cultural industry

Position: part-time teacher 
Location: Shangqiu city, Henan province. 
Duration: About 2-4 weeks contract 
Number of Classes: around 30 classes total (based on school schedule), each class 45-50 minutes, no office hours. 
Salary: 500RMB/class, totally 12K 
Student age: 18-20 
Requirement: foreign teachers with working or studying experiences. 
Bachelor degree or above. 
Provide on campus apartment

***** Xinxiang University 
Education major, Mechanical major and Computer Science major teaching position 
Salary: 48000 per month 
Working time: 24 hours per week, 500rmb/hour 
Start: 2019.9-10

*****Henan University of Economics and Law 
Course: 1)Selected Readings in Management 
2)English Movie Appreciation 
Salary: 500 RMB per class 
Location: Zhengzhou city, Henan province 
Duration: 1-2 month (short-term position) 
Number of classes: around 18 classes in total (finished in 1-2 month), each class 45-50 minutes, no office hours.

Full time jobs

***** Nanjing International High School 
Need 3 math teachers + 2 physics teachers+ chemistry teacher 
British nationality is required to be preferred, and other nationalities are also acceptable. 
No more than 20 class hours per week. Work full time. 
2 years of work experience or above. Meet the work visa requirements. 
Salary: 24-32k, housing subsidy 3000/month, ticket subsidy 1000/month, 
There are commercial insurance and gifts on holidays. 100% full salary in winter and summer vacations. 
Emphasize! This is a straightforward school!! Campus direct strokes! ! !

***** Tianjin High school 
Location: Wuqing district(Tianjin) 
Working schedule:22 Teaching hours, 8:30-17:00(Mon-Fri), off on weekend School type: high international school 
Work type: Full time job 
-Total monthly package valued at 20,000 – 23,000RMB after tax (based on qualifications and performance) 
-Free housing accommodation 
-Half salary for Holidays(Summer holiday 6 weeks, winter holiday 2 weeks and Chris mas holiday 2 weeks) 
-Legal ‘Z’ work visa provided 
-Provided lunch during working schedule 
-Professional pre-job training with on-going program supervision 
-10000RMB flight allowance to renew the one-year contract We are looking forward to hearing from you.

***** Middle high school in Anyang,Henan 
Location: English teacher( accept non natives) 
Duration: 1 year contract (could be renewed) 
Number of Classes: 20 classes per week, each class 40 minutes, no office hours. 
Salary: 12k 
Student age: 16-18 
Requirement: foreign teachers with working experiences. 
Bachelor degree or above. 
Provide free campus apartment and 8000RMB flight allowance 
Paid-winter holiday

***** Zhengzhou foreign language high shcool 
Position: AP Calculus & Statistics,Math 
Location: Zhengzhou,Henan Province 
Duration: 1 year contract (could be renewed) 
Number of Classes: around 16 classes per week,each class 40 minutes 
Salary:18K,11 months paid 
Student age: 16-18 
Free apartment on campus 
Reimburse round-trip air tickets of home country 
Bachelor degree or above

***** Zhengzhou University 
1. 16 teaching weeks each term 
2. 20 teaching hours each week on workdays 
3. Salary: 10000-12000 monthly . 
4. University students. 
1. One-year contract 
2. Housing allowance 1800-2500 
3. Flight allowance 10000-14000 
4. Paid official Chinese holidays 
5. Free coffee and lunch 
6. 1 short excursion in Henan province each term

***** Public schools in Chengdu 
1. Native language teaching posts, non-native language management posts; all are spoken language teaching. 
2, the mother tongue and white or brown priority admission, non-native foreign teachers, Ukraine and Belarus or high value, high oral level of priority admission. 
1. All foreign teachers are paid 9 months a year, and foreign teachers can arrange their own time or vacation or work for 3 months. 
2. According to the ability, the monthly salary of the native language is 12K-18K, and the monthly salary of the non-native language is 10K. 
3, provide accommodation, WIFI, water and electricity and bedding, refrigerators, washing machines and other daily necessities; provide lunch, dinner to solve; 
4, 25-30 lessons per week, calculated as hours between 17 hours and 20 hours. 
5, work every week from Monday to Friday, do not take classes. On Saturdays and Sundays, the foreign teachers arrange their own time. If you need a course, we can also arrange the course and pay the salary. 
6, according to the teaching level of foreign teachers, can be taught in kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school or high school.

***** Zhongshan international kindergarten in Guangdong 
Recruitment requirements: 
Nationality of foreign teacher: native English speaking country 
Personal information of foreign teachers: men and women are not limited, age is not limited. 
Foreign teacher qualification: bachelor degree or above, at least 2 years relevant working experience in China, TEFL, education major is preferred. 
Job description: 
Teaching content: the specific class and teaching content according to the kindergarten arrangement 
Student age: 2.5 to 6 years old 
Number of classes: 9~12 
Class size: between 20 and 30 students per class 
On duty: no on duty 
Salary: 16-17 k 
Accommodation: accommodation included 
Visa: foreign teacher visa self - care 
Holidays: there are Chinese statutory holidays, winter and summer holidays and other subsidies according to the arrangement of the garden.

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