Online ESL Tutoring of Kids and Adults

Far East, China

I Tutor Group Princess

I Tutor Group Princess

Teach English Online : Kids and Adults 24/7! Here are the requirements.

MUST have a degree (4 years)

Minimum 10 hours fixed schedule a week (including weekends at least 4 hours)

TESOL or TEFL a must or willing to obtain


(US, UK, CANADA) 25 min classes base rate is $7 or $8, you do get bonus of $1 after 50 classes and $1 for perfect attendance ($14-20/hr)

(US, UK, CANADA) 45 min classes based rate is $7.50 you do get bonuses from the students and can earn up to $34.50 (Group Class up to 6 adults)

For all the other nonnative the pay starts from $2 and it is entirely dependent on your location.

Cancellation Policy is very lenient. Just cancel more than 24 hours in advance.

97% Booking Rate. No wait to teach!

I am a DIRECT INTERVIEWER for super quick hiring process. I can help you get started. Please send me an email

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