Job Opportunities Abound in China for TEFL Teachers

Far East, China

Verihuo Education

15 years’ experience in China teaches that the three things teachers most want to know are: 
1) Do they pay on time, every time? 
2) Can I successfully communicate any issues I may have to management? 
3) Will I be valued and treated accordingly? 
The number of rogue operators is steadily reducing but there are still some out there – chinglish in an ad is a red flag for example - we now place teachers with only those institutions that can answer “yes” to the above three questions and are thoroughly reputable in all their dealings 
Because we are dealing with quality organisations, we are seeking quality people – if you are looking to be a leader and not just rock up between nights out getting lit, we have the gig to fit you. 
We have affiliations to universities, schools, language training centres, and kindergartens seeking native-speaking English teachers* – individuals, couples, and/or associates are encouraged to apply 
* Refer important qualification options below 
Location: Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, and various other locations 
Salary and Benefits: 
Monthly - rmb 8,000 – 30,000+ after tax 
8-12,000 Universities with 10-12 hours teaching per week – for that laid-back individual who wants plenty of chill time and just enough income to cover all that socialising 
14-20,000 schools and training centres not requiring full teaching qualifications, usually 25-30 classroom hours/week – not fully qualified but have a degree, keen to teach, make decent income and keep most of it, pay off that student loan? 
22-30,000+ schools requiring fully qualified professionals with attendant responsibilities additional to class times – you’re a pro and remunerated accordingly 
Bonuses monthly/semester/yearly when meeting KPI. Overtime allowances 
Public Holidays observed – minimum of Christmas, Chinese New Year, Labour Day, National Day 
Paid holidays and flight allowance dependent on individual contracts

Z-visa assistance: all those we deal with are qualified to employ foreigners meeting regulation requirements. Chinese Government requirement to issue Z-visa is Bachelor degree or above with demonstrable two-year teaching experience

*If recent graduate not meeting two-year threshold, we provide assistance to promptly obtain required qualifications with costs recovered from salary after successful placement 
First enquiries and attaching resume/cv 

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