ESL Teachers in various Schools in Shenzhen and Guangdong

Far East, China

China Briefcase

Hey guys!

My name is David, the American owner of China Briefcase, a company that specializes in ensuring our candidates get not only great work in China, but fully legitimate work as well. We only partner with schools and companies that are guaranteed to provide fully legal employment with a Z Visa.

Our company tries to make everything very efficient and clear, cutting out the confusion, madness, and spam of the China job search.
We feature a lot of positions. Let me break down a few of them real quick.

Public Schools
I think of public schools as an underrated deal in ESL - low working hours and they tend to be flexible towards office hours, but still decent pay, and when you divide your annual salary by the total number of hours worked, it’s a good hourly figure. Plenty of room to do a hustle while you’re at it. This is a perfect job for someone who is totally new to China.

This particular job, in fact, is encouraging their employees to work side part-time jobs. They will help verify part-time opportunities for you and even provide opportunities to work as a substitute teacher if you are interested.

There are tons of primary teaching positions because China really values foreign teaching during the early stages of Chinese education. This is one of the easiest positions to get in China, even for new teachers in China. Yet, it can be extremely rewarding if you love kids.

Private Schools
So you want to teach in the good private schools here in Shenzhen, and in the best locations? You’re in good company - these positions are relatively high demand, and reports from my teachers suggest teachers are highly satisfied in these positions. These are jobs where you’ll be working either a fully private primary school or a public school with a separate private bilingual program that parents pay big bucks for their kids to attend.

The advantages of this? You’ll make more money than at a public school, and your class sizes will be smaller. There’s also a greater likelihood of grabbing a great location in Shenzhen, relative to public schools. You’ll also get all the normal advantages of a public school, like holidays and weekends.

Disadvantage? Kids tend to be rowdier in these programs, and you can expect the pressure to be higher than in public schools.

If you want to make money in China, kindergarten is one way to go. A kindergarten happens to be my highest paying offer, so if money is what you’re after, listen up!

Kindergartens are fantastic if you love kids. Note that this is for a homeroom teacher position, ie, you’ll be spending the whole day with the kids. While you won’t be teaching the whole time, you’ll still be around them. But one thing that’s nice about kindergarten is that your job is to have fun with your kids.

You don’t have to worry about testing here! Bring your energy and make kids laugh and talk a little English.

Training Centers
If you want to make money in China, training centers are a great way to do so. I have one position that happens to be an excellent offer for several reasons: we’ve got a nice downtown location, the teaching hours are fairly low, the pay is high (depending on experience), you get a TA...

However, do note that training centers tend to be demanding during your ”office hours.” While they pay great and the teaching hours are low, you can expect to have some busy work during those office hours, or you’ll need to help with recruitment. Remember that Training Centers are ”For-Profit” companies!

Location: Shenzhen and Guangdong Province, and Other Cities in China like Suzhou, Hangzhou...

Start date: ASAP for Kindergartens and Training Centers, February for Public and Private Schools

Hours: Maximum 40 working hours per week, including a maximum of 20 teaching hours. Public and private schools can expect Monday to Friday classes with evenings and weekends off.

Students’ age group: Any Age group, from 3-18.

Salary: 13,000 - 27,000 RMB per month (depending on position)
Flight Reimbursements Provided
Annual Leave + Bonuses + Paid Vacations

Airport pickup (excluding HK)
Help with Bank Cards, Phone, etc.
Legal Z work Visa Support
Insurance Provided
Weekly Chinese lessons/Sponsored cultural events and activities

1) Passport holder of UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand
2) Related teaching certificate, or 2 years English teaching experience with a reference letter provided
3) Bachelor’s degree or above
4) Clean criminal record, professional, positive and culturally aware.

Please email me at Please include all your relevant application details. Also, note that I am unable to assist non-native speakers.

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