Cool Places to Teach English in China as a TEFL Teacher

Far East, China

Dream Land's Teaching

Immerse yourself into the great mountain ranges, forests, rivers and old towns. Upto 3,000$ TAKE HOME + HOUSING PROVIDED

What do you know about our company?

Dream Land’s teaching philosophy is based on a concept developed in the United States in 1968 and is used in over 600 American institutions and schools.

Dream land aims to teach the English language to Chinese students through English only classrooms and speaking activities.

We are committed to introducing the American classroom experience to students throughout China. Kiddie English is a renowned, leading, and trusted establishment in the education industry.

Nice cities we want to recommend to you - all nature lovers!

#1. Guiyang - Guizhou province - The Pearl that Creator gives to our Earth 
Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province, is located in the southwest of China. The Province of Guizhou is famous for its ethnic minority groups.

Fairly undiscovered by visitors, Guizhou has kept much of its charm and its minority groups have maintained their ancient traditions fairly untouched. Guiyang is the transportation hub of Guizhou Province and is normally the first step of any visit to Guizhou.

#2. Shaoxing - Zhejiang province - City of Water 
With a history of thousands of years, the region is renowned for the abundant tourism resources including cultural relics like the Yu the Great Mausoleum and many residences of famous figures in Chinese history. In fact, Shaoxing is recognized as one of the Famous Historical and Cultural Cities in the country.

Moreover, as a city to the south of the Yangtze Delta, the natural scenery here is totally charming and varied with an intriguing landscape of numerous green hills and clean waters. Shaoxing is also known variously as the 'City of Waters,' 'City of Bridges,' 'City of Calligraphy,' 'City of Tea,' and 'City of Scholars.' It gives off an image of an elegant and peaceful locale with deep cultural connotations, south of the Yangtze River.

About the position! 
Job details 
Student age: 3 - 14 years old 
35 working hours/week, no more than 24 classes/week 
5 working days, 2 consecutive days off 
Class size: 7 - 10 students/class with teaching assistant

About the job offer! 
Salary: 18,000 - 20,000 RMB after tax 
Apartment provided (or 2,000 RMB for housing allowance) 
Airfare reimbursement: 5,000 RMB 
Health insurance provided 
Legal work visa provided 
All the Holidays paid 
5 days annual leave and 5 days sick leave paid

If you are interested in the position, please send your CV, a copy of BA degree and a headshot photo to our HR specialist (Ms Alice)

We will get back to you and guide you on the interview process

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