TEFL Teachers Required in Dhaka for a New School

Asia Sub Continent, Bangladesh

TEFL Teachers Required in Dhaka for a New School - Start Date February 2020

We are preparing to establish schools in the year 2020. Our current products are books, apps, songs, animation, and school meals. Our team is spread out in the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe and Bangladesh.

Our products focus on teaching children healthy self-esteem. Our school curriculum, which includes social-emotional learning (SEL)*, also guides children to have high self-esteem alongside standard school education

Our mission is to have 3000 students in our school curriculum within the next four years. We reach this goal by establishing twelve schools over this period of time. Each school has up to 250 students. Many of our products as well as school curriculum centre around simple but meaningful events of a child's everyday life. As educators relate to these events through our required Teacher's Training Program (TTP), our vision statement "Respect for Every Child" becomes more clear and easier to understand. The first sentence we teach a child is “I am precious,” and it profoundly and positively.

Our first school, scheduled to open on June 15, 2020, is for children between the ages of 3 and 8 years of age. The target student count is 250 in each school. We teach all subjects in English. Only the Bangla class is taught in the Bangla language. All school locations are in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Each school shall have two educators from the UK or the USA.

Alongside school education, children learn social-emotional skills and a sense of high self-worth through learning the following.

(i) The need to maintain a healthy emotional boundary,

(ii) The importance to recognize reality through clarity,

(iii) The gravity of interdependence, and

(iv) The wisdom of moderation in words and action.

(v) A 3 month induction period from February ahead of the official start date for teaching in June

(vi) The opportunity to help develop the School Curriculum from the outset


We fully pay for the “room and board” of all British or American educators who work with us in our schools in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We provide medical benefits. Weassure a fixed monthly savings to the educator’s bank account in their native country.


Being fluent in English is vital to the role. A well-travelled, cultured individual would be at an advantage, particularly one with experience in teaching abroad and in a variety of environments.

Any parent or educator who works with us, over time will experience and grow so much that their own world becomes much bigger. Many will find further confidence in life, through clarity. In one or two years our team members get a lot of data points on life that help them manoeuvre through different tasks and relationships in their own lives. The social-emotional health related experience gained with us enables them to be one of the best (or would be) parents and educators.

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