How to Write a TEFL Cover Letter

Andrew Lynch

When sending off applications for TEFL roles you should also send a TEFL cover letter to provide more information about yourself and your suitability for the role. A well written cover letter provides additional context to your application and allows you to offer more beyond the cold and rigid structure of a CV. Below we explain how to write a TEFL cover letter from start to finish.  

How do you format a TEFL cover letter?

Before writing such an important letter take some time to plan out the content so it covers all the key points required. Think about it in four sections: 

What should you not include in a TEFL cover letter?

It’s just as important to be aware of what not to put in your TEFL cover letter as it is to know what to write. Avoid adding things like: 

TEFL cover letter template

In summary, your TEFL cover letter should follow this layout: 

Writing a TEFL cover letter with no experience

Not everyone applying for a job will have experience, so you need to think about other ways of approaching this key part of the application. While you may not have direct teaching experience, you can use other life experiences that demonstrate transferrable skills.  

For example, think about any situations during your TEFL training where you were putting practical skills to use. If you had observed teaching practice in front of real class you could talk about how you planned the lesson and how the experience went.  

Alternatively, you could speak about any voluntary work done outside of work, saying something like: “I have experience working with a local youth centre with children aged 12-15, helping them with various activities and assisting with some education studies.” 

As long as the example shows a relevant skill that could be applied to a classroom the school can give this serious consideration as part of your application.  

How long should a TEFL cover letter be?

A TEFL letter should not be too long, typically around one page with standard letter sizing. Use the suggested outline above and make it no longer than four paragraphs. 

Should a TEFL cover letter include keywords? 

It is a good idea to include keywords in your TEFL cover letter, although only use them where relevant and do not insert too many into the text. Read the job description to understand what keywords to use as using these can help catch the attention of the person choosing applicants for the next stage. Do not fill your letter with too many keywords and phrases or your writing may sound robotic and indicate to the recruiter that you lack command of the English language.  

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