TEFL Teacher Required in Tirana, Albania

Europe, Albania

Albanian International School

Albanian International School (AIS) is located in Tirana, the capital city of Albania. We are looking for dedicated teachers who are flexible and committed to helping the school grow by being active in the community. Albanian International School follows the United States Common Core Standards and has recently purchased all new Math, English, and Science texts. AIS is fully accredited by the Ministry of Education and Sport in Albania.

Albania is a beautiful country full of gorgeous beaches and snow-capped mountains and the cost of living is among the lowest worldwide. It is bordered by Montenegro, Kosovo, the Republic of Macedonia, Italy and Greece. Albania achieved democracy in 1990, and is rapidly becoming a top tourist destination. Albania was recommended as a top travel destination by Lonely Planet and in 2014, Albania was nominated as the number 4 global tourist destination by the New York Times. Come experience life in Albania and the excitement of being in on the ground floor of a new, modern institution of excellence in education. We would invite any hard-working educator who desires to help a country improve its education system to inquire with the school itself.

Starting Date: August 2020

Minimum Job Requirements:

1. BA or BS degree from an accredited university
2. The Original Diploma and a copy of your grade transcript
3. Previous teaching experience and/or valid state teaching certification
4. Fluency in English
5. Basic IT proficiency
6. Citizen of the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand or Canada or education obtained in one of the aforementioned countries
7. Criminal records check issued by the teacher’s home country dated within the last 6 months. We require official checks issued by the relevant government agency only. No third party background checks accepted. US citizens are required to submit BOTH a Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) and FBI criminal background check.

Job duties:

1. Homeroom teacher
2. Teach Math, Science, English and/or Social Studies (Depending on certification)
3. Follow the curriculum standards (Common Core/Core Knowledge)
4. Develop daily lesson plans for all subjects which are subject to review by the Head Teacher
5. Assist with occasional extracurricular activities outside of school hours
6. Help build the school's reputation and student recruitment
7. Write short monthly articles for the school newsletter
8. Complete all grading and lesson plans in a timely manner
9. Support students when needed by providing additional assistance with daily assignments and projects
10. Highly organized and punctual

Job benefits:

1. Round trip airfare from and to country of origin for foreign hires
2. Rent free modern studio apartment (teacher pays only for utilities, internet)
3. Medical insurance by the Albanian government.
4. The school reimburses the work permit and visa fees
5. Residence permit
6. Salary: 1200 Euro for licensed teachers.

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