Teach English as a Foreign Language Job at a Well Renown Academy in Korea

Far East, South Korea

Habit 9

[Looking for Bi-lingual(Korean/English) Teachers for Advanced Learners in Gangnam, Seoul]

Professionals recognize professionals. We are looking for TEACHERS not INSTRUCTORS. As a leading institution for English education and motivation, we consider intensive EFL courses and diverse motivation programs as two main pillars that support our vision: "We Teach to Influence Lives." Small size classes that consist of gifted students enable teachers to provide their pupils with customized educational service. In fact, most of the students go on to prestigious middle/high schools or universities, home and abroad. They also acquire a native command of both written and spoken English. More than half of the students have been attending Habit 9 for more than 4 years, which allows for a consistent and effective teaching.

We are located in one of the most thriving downtown areas of Gangnam, Seoul with the availability of convenient public transportation, popular fast food chains, coffee houses, and several grocery stores. Daechi-dong, a special district of education, well-known for ardent fervor for academic improvement, will be the stage you can develop your career as a professional English teacher.

Proactive teachers with the following qualifications are welcome here, and will be offered highly competitive reward. The more competent and devoted you are as a teacher, the more rewarding the position will turn out to be. If you are looking for a teaching position where you are appreciated for your professional performance, or would like to be given the opportunity to grow as an educator, this is the right place for you.


[Core Values] 
1. uncompromising service in education 
2. respect and trust among team members 
3. timely and precise two-way communication 
4. enhancement of insight and emotional intelligence 
5. work and life balance

[Habit 9 Teachers Comment] 
>> Habit 9 is one of the best places I've ever worked at. 
They're very considerate of the teachers in terms of providing benefits, welfare, and comfortable environment. 
You'll also get to work with the best staffs who are always on their feet and ready to help you out in every way possible! Come and join the crew! -Teacher E.

>> Of my near decade of teaching in Korea, Habit 9 is the only place that I can say truly puts education and the students at the forefront. 
As leadership and talent should obviously be at the top of any establishment, Habit 9 is one of very few that actually is.- Teacher M.

>> Habit 9 offers teachers the freedom and opportunity to control and lead their classes using their own style. 
Habit 9 accommodates everyone's needs right away and makes sure that teachers are always satisfied. The support of the admin staff members creates a harmonious and cooperative environment.^^ - Teacher A.

>> Everyone at Habit 9, teachers and staffs, gets to learn from each other so much. 
No competition. We work together to make it successful. There are also lots of opportunities to meet the newest technology that are used to educate students. I see myself growing and becoming even more effective and stronger educator at Habit 9. -Teacher S.

>> We are given the opportunity to grow and share ideas, so we can help and motivate each other to become better teachers. The environment is great and the management very warm and welcoming. 
- Teacher H.

>> I have worked at many different places for teaching English, and Habit 9 is the place where you can actually have fun while teaching! It is truly rewarding and it propels you move forward! Come and join us! - Teacher K.

>> Habit9 is not just a Daechi-dong English Academy, it's an Educational Technology company that prepares for the future. If you want to develop your career in the constantly changing educational environment, please apply. At the age of 40, I came to find a new dream here. - Teacher R.

[Job Description] 
* Location: Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 
* Student Level: Gifted learners, fluent English speakers; most of them are returnees from English-speaking countries, elementary or middle school students 
* Teacher Duties: Teach two classes(avg. 140 min. class) per day, lesson planning, grading, counseling 
* Working Hours 
- Monday~Friday: 1 hour of mandatory prep time required before classes 
- Saturday: 30 mins of mandatory prep time required before classes 
* Teaching Hours: Average 5 hours/day (6 days/week or 5 days/week) 
- Elementary School 
Monday~Friday 3:30~6:00 (Break 40 mins) 6:40~9:10 / Saturday 10:00am~12:30 (Break 30 mins) 1:00~3:30 
- Middle School 
Monday~Friday 4:50~7:10 (Break 30 mins) 7:40~10:00 / Saturday 10:00am~12:20 (Break 40 mins) 1:00~3:20

- You will be required to complete 2~3 weeks of Habit 9 teacher-training program before taking charge of regular lessons.

>> Option 1 (teaching 2nd~6th graders, English only class / R&D) 
- Fun and interactive bilingual (Korean/English) teachers with passion and love for children 
- Fluent native English speakers with conversational level of Korean language 
- A minimum of a bachelor's degree / a master's degree in TESOL or language-related major preferred. 
- Two years of teaching experience in Korea required. 
- Teaching experience of TOEFL(4 sections)/ Debate/ Grammar preferred. 
- Online class experience preferred 
** Applicants already in Korea only

>> Option 2 (teaching 7~9th graders, class conducted both in English and in Korean) 
- Experience of teaching and counseling with students and parents 
- Two years of experience in teaching TOEFL(4 sections)/TEPS(4 sections) and School Grammar 
- Interactive and academic teachers with passion and love for students 
- Fluent native or near-native English speakers with native level of Korean language 
- A minimum of a bachelor's degree / a master's degree in TESOL or language-related major preferred. 
- Online class experience greatly preferred

[Compensation ] 
* Pay negotiable, depending on experience/ class size/ working days/ years of service 
* Severance pay for each successful contract year 
* Special allowance for Intensive courses added during school vacation period 
* Always be paid on time and in full 
* All national holidays are paid off 
* Vacations: One full week in summer and another one week at the time of ones own choice (all paid) 
* Supporting professional growth 
(1) Teachers Forum 
(2) Payment for R&D

* Extra Benefits: 
(1) Incentives 
(2) Full Insurance

[Required Documents ] 
1) Resume and cover letter (including date of birth, education background from elementary school) 
2) Recent photo 
* Required documents upon contract are as follows: 
- Apostilled copy/copies of all diplomas 
- Apostilled national criminal background check

If you would like to join our team, please send the required documents OR leave the documents at page.
* Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview. 

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