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Centro de Idiomas

At Centro de Idiomas Macarena we have students from the age of 4 to 50+ and from complete beginners to proficiency level. We aim to make groups as homogenous as possible regards age and level, therefore we have around 35 different levels. Each level has its own syllabus, materials and objectives. The school has the following clearly defined, well organised departments: Children, Juniors, Teens and Adults.

We have a humanistic approach. This means:

  • Classes should be interesting and enjoyable.
  • Communication should be real, relevant and related to the learners and their interests.
  • We want our students to feel comfortable and at ease because we believe that students learn better in these circumstances.

We aim to give our students the tools to make as much progress as possible and to become autonomous learners and users. Our students also learn how to learn languages.

We believe that learning a language is not only learning a skill, it is an education. Students learn about other cultures and countries, other ways of doing things, and they learn to talk to people from different backgrounds. It broadens their horizons and opens doors to lots of possibilities, not only in the world of work but in a cultural sense too.


1. Residence. For legal reasons we usually only employ teachers from EU countries or those from outside the EU who already have official residence and the right to work in Spain.

2. Education. Teachers should have a good level of education and be interested in improving themselves.Most teachers will have a degree, but more important than this is the interest in one´s continuing education and also the willingness/disposition to help others.

3. TEFL. Teachers are usually expected to have a four-week TEFL qualification such as an RSA TEFLA, CELTA certificate.

4. Experience. We are happy to employ a wide range of teachers, some with little or no experience and others with much more. As we have specific departments we are always interested in people with specific experience for example with Young Learners or juniors and teens, whether this experience be in an EFL environment or a state educational system.

5. Personal Attributes. Personal attributes are perhaps our greatest consideration.We are looking for teachers who genuinely enjoy teaching, take pride in their work and are concerned about their students’ progress and welfare.They should be friendly, eager to learn, easy to work with, willing to share ideas, good humoured and prepared to make a positive contribution to the school. We for our part try to be friendly, understanding, supportive and provide good working conditions.

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