Onsite and Offsite Classes TEFL Jobs Available

Europe, Spain

Well and Will

The new teacher will be part of a team of about 30 teachers, and work both at our school premises and in our clients' offices. Classes range all levels, with some Cambridge exam preparation courses.

Most of admin work is done online, using moodle and another online platform. Syllabuses and materials are provided and clear goals are set for every course.

The teacher will be reporting to the Director of the Business Services department about classes arranged within this area, and to the Academy Director, about classes in our schools.

The position needs to be covered as soon as possible, since one of our team members has had to leave unexpectedly and all the courses are already running.

A contract is in place for the whole duration of the course, normally until June 30, 2020.

The salary is calculated upon the total number of hours of class scheduled in the term, and then divided by the number of months covered by the contract, so it remains the same unless some classes get added.

Different types of courses are paid at different rates. Offsite classes and exam preparation classes are applied the higher rate, which is 20€ gross minimum.

Full health coverage.

2 weeks holiday both at Christmas and Easter.

• A love for the profession
• Command of all areas of the English language
• University degree
• Teaching certificate
• Work permit valid in Europe
• Basic computer skills
• Good knowledge of the FCE and CAE exams of the University of Cambridge
• Good organisation skills
• Minimum experience of 2 years as an EFL teacher
• Commitment to stay at least until the end of June 2020

Start date
End date