ESL Teaching Jobs Available in Segovia, Spain

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Abracadabra English


is Abracadabra? It’s a small academy in Segovia, with a beautiful acueduct and roast suckling pig, yet only half an hour away from Madrid by the High Speed train.  It is situated in a residential area just 15 minutes walk to the centre of town.


are we recruiting? We need another 3 teachers to make up the full complement of 9 teaching staff, due to teachers returning to the UK to do PGCEs and the continual expansión of the academy.


are we looking for? Although the teaching posts are distinctive and each teacher will have their own methods and teaching styles, as well as being more gifted in some areas than others, all the teachers should have the same generic core values.  We are seeking teachers who want to teach, not just live abroad, who have a passion for their students’ learning and for their own. Organised, empathetic, creative teachers with an interest in learning Spanish and how the culture affects learning, will be the first to be interviewed.


does term start? The positions begin on September 16th 2019 for Primary Classes and 1st October 2019 for teens and adults. The contracts run until 18th June 2020.


makes the academy different? We want all students to both progress steadily and enjoy the classes.  We thrive on reaching targets and helping students pass exams for Cambridge, aptis, EOI, Guardia Civil, Police, School etc. We see each student as indivdual and important, hence we offer a variety of times for class to coincide with other activities and siblings, once and twice a week. There are also classes at 08.00 for business people. We also want to make a difference in the city, not only to the English level. Organising films in English at the local cinema, putting on mini musicals in English at one of the school theatres, raising money for Flying Doctors in Africa, attending local seminars on teaching practices, meeting with the Cambridge exams coordinator for CyL, running summer camps, storytelling, clay modelling and trips overseas are all examples.


system do we follow? The system we follow depends on the teacher and the class. The resources used depend on the objective and the teaching and learning styles. Primary children have no text books, but follow schemes of work that are a guideline for vocabulary and grammar but flexible for how it is presented. Teenagers and adults preparing titles follow textbooks during the year and a specific plan for the 4 week intensive course in summer. Portable whiteboards, mini theatre, market stall, songs, karaoke, Kahoot on line games, board games and dominoes, acting and drama, cooking and escape rooms, experiments and outdoor games are all used in various classes.


You must love the English language and you must like students, whether they are children, teenagers or adults.

You must have a TEFL qualification.

You must be patient, organised, open to developing as a teacher and prepared to have fun in the classroom.

You must be willing to learn Spanish, in order to understand the students’ confusions and doubts, in order to integrate into Segovian life and in order to communicate with the students, parents, cleaner, secretary, accountant, postman, etc.

Not necessary are University degrees or Passports from the UK.

We are looking for the best teachers, whoever they may be!

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