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The Cultural English Centre

The Cultural English Centre is a well-known and successful English language academy located in Linares, Jaen. It was founded in 1987 by Sonia Lasaga, and in the last 32 years has earned itself a healthy reputation for the quality of its language services among the inhabitants of the town. The school is a member of the Association of Language Schools in Andalusia (ACEIA) and the National Federation of Private Language Schools in Spain (FECEI).

The academy offers classes to students from the age of 3 to adults and, as well as focusing on teaching students to use the language for communication purposes, prepares students for Cambridge English Assessment exams (KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE). The school also runs a number of extracurricular activities where students can practice using English in relaxed, enjoyable situations. These activities include theatre clubs, photography events, weekend sleepovers and more.


All classrooms are equipped with computers with Internet connection as well as projectors and eBeam interactive whiteboards. All our classrooms have air conditioning and central heating. The school recently expanded to include a computer room, which is used for class projects, exam practice and other activities.

The staff room is well stocked with supplementary books, dictionaries, files of additional material, visuals, games, etc. which are used in the day-to-day planning of lessons. There is also a library of EFL literature including resource and theory books.

The academy also has a small but popular library of books that students can borrow in order to complement their studies and help promote the use of the English language for cultural means and enjoyment outside the classroom.


As well as the school director (Sonia Lasaga) and the academic director, we have a small group of eleven teachers and a secretary. Although most of our teachers have been working at the school for several years (and will hopefully continue for many years to come!), we often require one or two new teachers, usually at the beginning of the school year in September.

Teacher Training

At The Cultural English Centre we believe that teacher development is the key to a rewarding and interesting professional life. We hold weekly workshops on a wide range of ELT-related matters and also give our teachers the opportunity to attend a number of EFL-related conferences such as the annual ACEIA conference which takes place in Seville every November, the ACEIA Jaén conference in February and TESOL Spain in March.

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