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Working for Abracadabra English

As a small academy, but with a lot of students, we are looking for 3 new teachers to complete our team of 9.  While the positions are slightly different in terms of students' ages and needs, the principal requirements of all the teachers are the same.  
You must be dynamic, enthusiastic and reliable.
You must actually want to teach and be open to learning and improving as a teacher.
You must have empathy with each student and their individual learning style.
You must be interested in the students' lives and culture and impact this has on their learning.
We believe in having the highest quality teachers and lessons, meaning that preparation,delivery and analysis of the classes are all important.
The contract of 34 hours includes 10 hours planning and 24 teaching contact hours.
Most of the classes are in the afternoons with one or two classes on two mornings a week, allowing free time in the mornings.
There are no classes on Fridays, because 4 days of hard work deserves a 3 day weekend.

For the little ones (5-7) the classes are 45 minutes long and dynamic.
For older primary the classes are 1 hour but following no text book, rather a scheme of work.
The teenagers all have a text book at least as a guide, whether for exams or not.
Adult classes generally follow a text book format with relevant games incorporated. 

All teachers are responsible for the safe entry and exit of their students, their progress in their language learning journey and the appropriate preparation and analysis of the classes.

About us: 

Abracadabra started as a couple of groups of students in a flat.  These transferred to a sports shop which was transformed into a 2 room academy. By the time there were four smaller classrooms and the academy was still growing, a move was essential. Taking over an empty supermarket, 7 classrooms were constructed, plus a resources room and a reception area. In a quiet residencial neighbourhood with two bus routes, it is only 15 minutes walk to the acueduct and centre of town.


We want every student to reach their potential.
We want to do everything the best it can be done.
We want to make a difference to  the city.
We want the best teachers, not merely people with a British passport.


We run trips - this year to Gorey in Ireland.
We put on musicals in English - Oliver Twist in a local theatre.
We promote Spanish lessons - to communicate with parents and students better.
We offer 1 or 2 day a week classes, trying to coordinate siblings.
We offer 08.00 classes for business men/women or travelling students.
We have a parents' day every February to keep parents informed.
We belong to ACLID and FECEI, regional and national associations of quality teaching.
We attend annual conferences and seminars to boost all teachers' development.
We have recently launched an initiative to show films in English at the local cinema.
We regularly meet to discuss students, classes, ideas, activities and exams.
We always have a Christmas Dinner and end of year trip!

We are also a Cambridge Preparation Centre, whose students achieve excellent results, working closely with our local exam centre.  Only last year did we create our website, because we have been so busy providing quality classes and service...Our secretary is amazing!

What we offer: 

The salary varies according to hours taught and experience but is in the range of 1,200 to 1,400 euros per month.
All taxes, social security and liquidation at end of contract are paid.


All local and national bank holidays are fully paid.
Plus, fully paid holidays at Christmas and Easter, that follow the local school holidays in Castilla y León.


We provide bi-monthly training and extra training when necessary. All new teachers are mentored and supported.  We have a wealth of experience of all aspects of teaching, from secondary schools in the Uk, to phonetics, to young learners, to businesses. We have experts on the Cambridge exams, teachers who know how to correct and praise and others who possess techniques and skills for working with teenagers. There is no limit to what you can learn, if you are willing to.


We provide a bright red uniform of non-iron t-shirts, long sleeved polo shirts and hoodie.


We appreciate that every teacher has a gift in one or two areas but not every area. We also acknowledge that every teacher has a personal style, using more or less humour, drawing more or less on the whiteboard, using more or less singing or Spanish examples. All approaches are acceptable if it guides the students to learning.   


We have high expectations and standards, but we are here to HELP you reach them. Everyone is a winner; student, teacher and manager.

What we want: 

You must love people and communication. If you want to work as a children's teacher you have to like children. It is not enough to stand and talk at them. A good teenager teacher must remember their adolescent years and empathise with young people. The adult teachers need good grammar and clear explanations.

You have to be able to work as a team and provide feedback to teamleaders and managers. You have to love the language of English and want to teach it. You must be TEFL qualified.


Good attitude. Positivity. Willingness to learn. Friendliness. Openness to learning Spanish and integrating into Spanish life. 

A high level of English with a top level attitude is preferable to a mediocre level Native person, who wants to live overseas.

You need to have the requirements below:

English Level: Fluent
Age: 22
Can Legally Work in Country: Yes

AND one of the following sets to apply:

Degree: Not Required
Years Teaching Exp.: 1
TEFL Certificate: CELTA/Cert.TESOL
Hours on TEFL Cert.: 120
Classroom Hours on TEFL Cert.: 6
Exam Experience: Cambridge Exams

How to apply: 

Please send a covering letter and an up to date CV

Extra Information: 
We all won the national lottery last Christmas! (2euros)
We have also won an award from an insurance company for having zero accidents last year.
All teachers and secretarial staff attended a first aid course in 2019.
There are half a dozen other academies and a good number of teaching assistants and aupairs in the city for those who want a balance of English - speaking and Spanish -speaking friends.
Segovia is a very cultural city with a plethora of events and fairs as well as sports clubs of every kind and skiing only 40 minutes away.

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