TEFL Lecturer is Required in City Just East of Seoul

Far East, South Korea

Kyungbok University

Kyungbok University is offering a non-tenure track English lecturer position to potential teachers to teach on two campuses, one located in Namyangju City, just east of Seoul, and the Pocheon Campus, just east of Uijeongbu. Kyungbok University has been a fast growing and developing university since its start in 1992. A special English program with an all native English speaking faculty started in 2014 and there is currently an opening. We are looking for enthusiastic and dedicated teachers.

1) Date of Employment: September 1, 2019 - August 31st, 2020 (Applicants should be available one week prior to start date for orientation, contract signing, and visiting immigration.)

2) Requirements: 
A) Graduate from a university (from a country in which English is the first language) is a minimal requirement. 
B) Ph. D applicants and applicants with a masters degree will be given preference. 
C) Certificates in CELTA, TOSEL, TOEIC or teaching certificate from an English speaking country will be given preference. 
D) *Experience teaching in Korea at university or schools: *For a Master's holder, 3 years experience is necessary. 'For a Bachelor's degree, 4 years of experience minimum is required. *No academy work can be counted as experience. 
E) Applicants must be legally able to take the position. This means getting a letter of release from a previous employer and /or finishing previous contracts completely. 
F) People currently in the country and who can attend the interview will be given preference. However, should this list be exhausted, we are willing to consider interviews via Skype or other means to find the teachers we are looking for. lf applying from out of Korea, please state thar clearly in your cover letter and provide a Skype address should the need arise.

3) Payment : 2,100,000 Korean Won per month.

4) Duties: Teachers will be required to teach an average of 18 hours/week for 16 weeks of each semester. Teaching hours over l8 will be paid with overtime, but management will try to ensure no extra classes will be given to keep the workload to an average of 18 hours/week for the semester. Teachers are expected to do office hours in the Kyungbok Language Education Cafe. The cafe hours are considered office hours.

Teachers are expected to be on time and dress and act in a manner of a University lecturer and professor. They will be required to attend monthly meetings. Teachers will be asked to contribute to curriculum and some book development.

Teachers will be expected to be available to teach a minimum of one week in the summer or winter vacation period. The summer/winter school is a condensed form of the regular 15-week English courses and is offered only for students retaking the course. Teachers will be required to teach 6 hours/day for 5 days. Payment for summer/winter courses is submitted separately.

5) Housing: a stipend of 300,000 Korean won per month.

6) Benefits : 
- Medical insurance, Private school teacher's pension fund, 
- Paid 4 months vacation plus all national holidays

7) Visa sponsored : Yes

8) Documents Required: 
* to decrease the size of the email, scans should be JPEGs if possible. 
* please scan and submit all documents. lf you fail to submit some documents, we cannot process you. 
A) Updated C.V. and cover letter (with current photo) 
B) Copies of University degrees (apostilled originals should be brought to interview) 
C) Copies of university transcripts (original university transcripts in sealed envelope should be brought to interview) 
D) Copies of any relevant certificates in CELTA, TOSEL, or teaching certificates (originals should be brought to interview) 
E) Letters of references if available 
F) Copy of current Criminal Record Check (within last 6 months, if E2 visa transfer, nor necessary) (apostilled originals should be brought to interview) 
G) Copy of Alien card if available 
H) Copy of Passport page with I.D. 
I) A successful candidate will be asked to submit work experience certifications, criminal records check and a health statement as required by the lmmigration Office.

9) DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION : July 31st, 2019. 
* Details of working conditions will be covered during interview. 
* Not all applicants will be contacted due to a large volume of applicants. lf no suitable candidates apply, some positions may not be filled. 
* Candidates may be asked to work at one campus or the other, or both. lf asked to work at both, they will not be on the same day. You will only need to travel to one campus per day. 
Campus Details : Kyungbok University Pocheon campus is off the main road and away from traffic noises. lt is surrounded by mountains and green trees, with walking trails and fresh air. It is about 40 minutes from Uijeongbu city and an hour away from Uijeongbu station Line #1. There are plenty of buses from Uijeongbu station to Kyungbok University Pocheon Campus. 
There is no subway close to this campus. 
Namyangju campus is located just east of Seoul, a 40 minute drive from the Co-ex area, and a 45 minute bus ride from Jamsil area. The campus is nestled in a valley surrounded by trees and beautiful architecture. There are plenty of buses that travel to this campus, but there is no close subway at this time.

NOTE: Kyungbok University offers a shuttle bus for students from various locations in Seoul, Uijeongbu, Ilsan, and Guri. Teachers are welcome to use the shuttle bus to and from campuses, with the exception of the summer/winter class that may be necessary. In the case of summer/winter classes, public transportation busses are available to and from campus.

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