Teaching ESL in South Korea

Far East, South Korea

Job Pagoda

Are you a passionate teacher who is interested in enriching the lives of adult learners in Korea? We are looking for high-energy, positive, passionate and genuinely happy teachers to teach in the second largest city in Korea. It is the perfect location for you if you're looking for a laidback atmosphere yet still metropolitan enough to experience all the culture, sophistication and charm that Korea has to offer. From the beautiful mountains, to the pristine coastlines, you can enjoy all the wonders that Korea has to offer while educating motivated adult English learners at a much lower living cost than Seoul. 

Details about this role:

Teaching 3-10 adult students business and conversational classes, book discussion, video and discussion, modern English, Native/College writing

30 to 40 hours per week (contracted for 40)
Occasional weekend classes based on demand 
1 month vacation each year.

- Must have apostilled degree and background check
- Must have passport from a fluent English speaking country

Salary and Benefits:
- 2,200,000 won guaranteed minimum salary (average - 2,800,000~3,200,00)
- E2 Visa sponsorship
- 12 month contract
- Paid training
- National Health Insurance
- National Pension Plan
- Year end Bonus (Severance bonus)
- Housing manager on site, 10,000,000 won key money paid by Pagoda

- Referral bonus

About us: 
Position Description:

We are looking for high-energy, positive, popular, genuinely happy teachers.  Teachers that the students are always happy to see and a teacher that enjoys what they do and is passionate about teaching.  The position is high energy and the atmosphere is warm.

To give you an idea of the cost of living in Korea, the average meal out costs between $4-$10.  Transportation is convenient and costs are under $1.20 one way.  Teachers are able to select their own housing in the open market allowing them more freedom in their own lives. 

This is definitely an experience that you will never forget.  Traveling and working in another country will be different, but we will meet you at the airport and make sure you are taken care of when you come to Korea.  We have a very positive atmosphere in the company and are looking for people that will be a great addition to our team!

What we offer: 
Salary and Benefits

Minimum Guaranteed Salary ~ \2,200,000 (Average \2,800,000-\3,200,000).
E2 Visa Sponsorship
12-month contract (stability at a large recognizable company)
Prepaid flight to Korea (overseas hires)
Airport pickup upon arrival (overseas hires)
One week of paid training provided.
Temporary Accommodations in business hotel paid during training
National Health Insurance
National Pension Plan
Year-end bonus (Severance Bonus)

What we want: 
Requirements for this position include:
Must obtain an “apostilled/authenticated” notarized COPY of Bachelor’s Degree.
Must obtain an “apostilled/authenticated” national background check (fingerprinted).

You need to have the requirements below:

Can Legally Work in Country: 
AND one of the following sets to apply:


Start date
End date