Teach ESL Jobs in Daegu, South Korea

Far East, South Korea

Daegu University

Daegu University is now accepting applications for the position of Assistant Professor in the Department of Creative Integrated General Studies for spring semester 2020. Positions will begin March 1, 2020. Daegu University is a private university about 40 minutes east of Daegu. The Successful candidate will be responsible for teaching required English Conversation classes, counseling students in our language clinics. Most of a typical teaching load consists of English Conversation, Workplace English, or TOEIC speaking classes using a flipped learning instruction model and one hour per week spent in our language clinics.

All teaching done between semesters is paid as overtime, but there are very few opportunities.

Application materials will be accepted until the positions have been filled.

Preference will be given to applicants available for an in-person interview. All qualifications must be met at the time of application. We will only be responding to applicants being considered for an interview. If you do not meet the minimum requirements, please do not apply!

Minimum Qualifications:
B.A. in any subject + 4 years of university teaching experience
M.A. in any subject + 2 years of university teaching experience

***Please note that experience earned in a public school or in an academy in Korea may not be counted.
***Teaching experience earned concurrently with your degree is not counted.

Public school teaching experience earned outside Korea is accepted for certified teachers and counted at a rate of 1 year = .5 years of university experience.

Applicants who fail to meet these basic requirements will not be considered. All qualifications must be completed at the time of application.

Only applicants residing in Korea will be considered.

Length of Contract: 1 year (renewable) beginning March 1, 2020

12 classroom hours per week
4 office hours per week (3 spent in the office, 1 spent working with students in the language clinic)
Occasional staff meetings and work-related responsibilities

Annual Salary:

B.A.: 26,000,000 Korean won (~1.8 million per month after deductions)
M.A.: 28,000,000 Korean won (~2.0 million per month after deductions)
PhD: 31,000,000 Korean won (~2.3 million per month after deductions)
Bonus on renewal of up to 1,000,000 Korean won

A housing stipend of 400,000 Korean won/month is paid in addition to the base salary (no on campus housing is available)
Subsidized health insurance
A travel allowance of 1,000,000 Korean won paid at the end of every contract
16 weeks paid vacation (8-weeks in summer; 8-weeks in winter)
Enrollment in the Korean Private Teacher¡¯s Pension Plan

Start date
End date