Seoul - ESL Teachers Wanted + Plus Good Housing and Raises

Far East, South Korea


Salary: 2.5 million won plus good housing and we give good raises every year  
Location: Seoul (Mokdong)  
Starting date: October 2019

Benefits: Medical insurance, pension, severance, airfare (if you are coming from another country)  
Housing- Yes, we give good housing and if you don’t need it, you can receive a higher salary of 3.2 million won  
Teaching group age: Elementary  
Working schedule: (5 days a week from 1:00-9:00PM) Mon- Fri  
Come to Twinkle. Filling Minds with Wonder!!!  
How we are different  
• Vision- to change education in Korea- make it fun and creative!  
• Very approachable team who will help you  
• Your bosses, the owners, are teachers and are passionate about teaching and teachers

What we’re looking for a teacher who  
Has read and remembers children's novels and loves reading  
Knows world history and science really well and can teach it in a fun and engaging way  
Will be happy to communicate with parents often via Kakao Talk  
Will push kids to work super-hard but with encouragement and love  
Is able to control students when they are getting too wild  
High energy, outspoken, articulate, and funny  
Enjoys working independently without much guidance  
Responsible, organized, and super-chill

We’re looking for new teachers who are trainable

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Here is a video that tells more about our vision. You can check out other videos mostly by the kids in the same channel.

You can also see the interaction between our kids and teachers at

Writing by our brilliant students

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